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" Death is not Man's Experience of Spirit;

Life is Spirit's Experience of Man "

(Frank HATEM)

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Death is the most important event in life. Up till now, all studies about it have been founded on Near Death Experiences or memories of past lives. But evidence of the senses or of memory is not evidence. It is easy to misinterpret inner as well as outer images, and easy to show that you cannot found a science upon experience.

Even physicists are not sure of matter's existence.

Are your sure of your soul ?

Yes you are, because mind is the first evidence which contains every experience and every reality. You can banish anything as an illusion, but illusion itself (mind!) is not illusion.

Illusion is eternal, and this is what you are. Today this is a certainty. A scientific certainty. Because something has happened today which allows you to understand what up till now, you could not understand : the discovery of THE ORIGIN OF MIND.

What mind is, where it comes from, and why, this is probably the greatest discovery Science has ever made, because mind is the first and last question.

The universe is a mental question.

Matter is a mental question.

Pain is a mental question.

And it is impossible to say anything about death, or about life, as long as you do not know what mind is. Neither Quantum Mechanics nor Neuro-Psychiatry can answer the question of mind, because mind is not a physical problem. On the contrary, matter is a psychological one. And even more so a metaphysical one. And Metaphysics can provide answers today.

Metaphysics is not what you think either. Today it is the most scientific of sciences, the only one able to explain the universe, and the only one able to deduce without recourse to any hypothesis.

Of course, it is the only science able to explain death, and to answer once and for all

the question:

Is Reincarnation real?



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Yes. The reason is: Mind is present and only present. There is no mind yesterday. And when you know what a cause is, you understand that if mind IS today, it means that its cause IS today. This means that the cause is at each and every moment, so that mind can be, at each and every moment.

So, it cannot be created by chance. Chance can put things together haphazardly for a moment or two, but not at each moment. At each moment implies "NECESSITY".

It is the same for the universe. The universe cannot have been created in the past. If it exists now, it means its cause is acting now.

A cause which is eternal. If the cause had taken place in the past, there would have been a flash of existence in the past, but nothing would remain today. There is absolutely no reason for a situation to last if its cause, too,does not last.

This is even more true for mind, which contains your body and the universe (could you be aware of the universe if it was not INSIDE your mind?). The body can live and die, because it is a creation of mind. A combination of elements that a cause gathers together. This cause, inside mind, can stop gathering them, if it changes. But the fact that a body is necessary cannot change. It is mind. And this can be demonstrated.

The universe can change, your body can change, but if they are, it means that their principle is necessary. The cause of being is not a point in time. If you are now, it means that your cause is a necessity, not mere chance. A necessity which can be explained, and which shows that it can never cease. Your eternity can be demonstrated. You will agree with this later.

You will acknowledge that mind cannot be if it is not eternal.



There is no mind without body, even if the body is not always a solid organic one. Mind is a separation between two principles, two contradictory necessities, which oppose each other, creating a sensation of resistance, of matter. This sensation depends on the level of love where it takes place. The more you love, the more subtle the body , the less matter resists.

When you are born, your level of love decreases, and your consciousness focusses on your most solid body. When you die, this solid body disappears, but you keep the other bodies at higher levels, and your consciousness lives a more subtile body.

Mind is always more or less materialized, and cannot cease to be. It cannot be completely immaterial because of this opposition which builds it up and at the same time builds up the feeling of matter (a feeling of separation in fact). You will understand this better later.

Birth and death are only a change in these sensations : more or less solid according to the alternance of mind's awareness. This is demonstrated in the book "New Knowl'Age - Origin of Mind, Origin of Energy, Origin of Matter" (by Frank HATEM, Ganymede Edition).


When you understand that mind is eternal and immutable as a necessary opposition of eternal principles, and that its material forms are infinitely many (all levels of bodies), you understand that mind needs and experiences every kind of body, in order to be consciously what it is.

This is why reincarnation is necessary: an eternal mind composed of a great deal of bodies, obliged to live actually through each one, in order to be what it is : infinite.

Consciousness is impossible without incarnation, incarnation is impossible without limitation. Reincarnation allows you to remain eternally conscious.

The limitation of bodies in an infinite number of lives is the compromise between being infinite and being conscious : you cannot be conscious unless you are limited, but infinity is your nature. Thanks to permanent incarnation and reincarnation, you are allowed to be what you really are.



When you are really yourself as a human being, you are not, however, really yourself. Because you are not a human being. You are THE being, believing he is a human being now. But the same being believes at the same time (and before) that he is animals, and vegetables, and minerals, and after being human, he believes he is more than human : angels etc.

You are only really yourself when you are infinite. The more you evolve, the more you concentrate infinity consciously in yourself.

The aim is mind's infinity, but mind cannot be infinite because infinity cannot be conscious. This paradoxical necessity obliges mind to be eternal, in eternal evolution towards infinity, through more and more advanced and subtle bodies.


We do not live through an infinite number of lives as a human being. The experiences you have to live to overcome the human condition are not so numerous. You have to demonstrate a large number of behaviours, more and more intelligent, but there are times when a human body is not subtle enough to let you demonstrate a higher spiritual behaviour in one lifetime alone.

But the number of your human experiences only depends on you. The more intensively you live, and the more intelligently you live, the smaller the number of human lives you will have to live.

In fact, if you already understand what life expects from you, your aim, and if you cope courageously with all you have to live to reach it, you could make this life be the last one as a human being. This is gaining liberty.


Who else but you can choose ? Who else but you is more aware of the experiences you need to undertake?

Nobody. You are the mind. You are the mind, and mind is the creator of bodies.

No-one else but you can choose and create the incarnations he needs. Of course, this is not conscious. You choose and create at a level which is not conscious, where you are "dead", where you are more in unity with the Whole.

Consciousness is only the surface of yourself, where the confrontation with the "outer" world takes place. Consciousness is generated by this confrontation. Where there is no confrontation, where unity is more actual, there is much less sensorial awareness, but more "knowledge".

The part of you which knows what you need and who to create it is not your conscious mind, which is too busy and too limited to achieve such a thing.

In fact, the choice is somewhat automatic. According to your thoughts and actions during your life, you demonstrate your spiritual requirements for such or such an experience, and this binds you to live such or such a life.

Your spiritual attitude within matter causes, when there's no more matter to cope with (when dead), your choice, causes your creation of such a body in such a world. Without it, you could not carry on achieving your unconscious aim.

Incarnation is not only the incarnation of a body, but that of a whole world.


Time spent without a human body can be short or long. It depends on your needs. If they are very special (when you have already much matured as a human being), you can wait a long time. If you have many needs because you have much to learn, it can be short.


No. You alternate between being a man and being a woman. Generally, we change our sex each time. The reason is that as a man, we learn how to love many different ways, with many partners. And as a woman, we learn to love very deeply.

After having learned alternately to love widely, and to love deeply, we become able to love everybody deeply. Love becomes infinite.


Generally speaking, no. Evolution doesn't go backwards. It cannot. We always accumulate more experience of life, and cannot forget it. Life through animal bodies gave us all that it is able to give.

However, when you become very free, you can do what you want. Nothing is impossible for mind.



This is our duty and our aim. The infinite has no "karma" because it contains all possible karmas.

Generally, living (by suffering) teaches us all that we need to learn to become free. But if we want to get free without suffering, we need to UNDERSTAND without experiencing. This is "Jnâna Yoga", very difficult but very efficient, i.e. Metaphysical Science of what "I am" is, what the universe is, what matter is etc.

This is why everybody is a little a philosopher and wants to understand life. We know that when we really understand, we do not suffer any more, and no longer need to come again on Earth.



If Science remains a science of matter, or of observation, it will never be able to explain or prove such things. But soon, Science will become real science, i.e. the Science of "I AM". "I am" is the only reality, the only one worthy of study. We call it "Metaphysics", (because consciousness is not material, cannot be found by observation of matter, only by observation of self), or Ontology (practice).

Only a new paradigm in Science, as we propose it, can make man aware of what he is, where he comes from, towards what, and why.

Such a science already exists in France, which answers every question about existence. But Physicists refuse to hear of it because it provides too much evidence of their mistakes, and it is difficult for them to make a U turn and start again upon completely new epistemological bases.

But as long as this new knowledge is not taken on, as long as they do not know what mind is, it is difficult to say anything true about death, and, for the same reasons, about Psychology.

Knowledge is the basis of everything.


If your credance is not a credance but a certainty, scientifically evident thanks to a deep understanding of mind and of the origin of the universe, then, believing in reincarnation is a good thing. It makes you free from fear about death, about losing people you like, free about matter, but respectful about all that you have to transmit to coming generations.

The opposite of reincarnation is the belief in hazard, in matter, in a past creation, and all this prevents us from loving and respecting life and the Earth. You can love everybody even if you do not believe in reincarnation, but belief in an end to mind generally makes you eager to profit as soon as possible, with no respect for anything but your own property or affections.

Of course, believing in reincarnation can make you lazy, since everything is possible sooner or later, and you have all the time you need.

But the right attitude, if you really understand what life is and what death is, is to feel at one with everything, to wait for nothing, and to try to help the Great Aim to be achieved through each of our individualities. This means helping everybody and every being to evolve towards itself.

This means never committing suicide, since the only way to be free from life is to live our life through. We cannot escape from life, and will come again as long as we do not love it.

Please, love it soon. Everybody needs you to show that you have understood.


Death is as useful to life as sleeping or dreaming. Since your real nature is not to be limited but infinite, it is necessary to return to infinity from time to time, for battling against what we are is tiring. Death is a rest, between two experiences of matter, necessary to improve love.

We are not human beings living a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being living through human lives.

Without these material lives, there is no infinite being. So love your life and live it completely at each moment. Life is the only way to Liberty.


Evolution is the only way for infinity to be, because infinity cannot be " something ".

What is is the infinite trend toward infinity, an infinite many of ways.

You are one of these ways, personnal and irreplaceable. Love yourself, the Infinite (our unconscious mind) needs


Thank you for being.

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Most of our webs are free, although many people think the information they contain is worth Nobel Prices, and really can make a difference.
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