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"I am not within the Universe, Space and Time.
Space, Time and the Universe are within me". (Frank HATEM)

"Jnâna" means "Knowledge". A Yoga is a way to become what we are : "God". It is a bridge between "me" and "I".

There are a great deal of ways toward what we call "God", as many as " light-searchers ", but four of them are natural, not technical (cf Swami Vivekananda).

The easiest way of realization, and most widespread in the world, is BHAKTI YOGA : it means "Joy" and consists in devotion toward images of the Divine.

Bhakti is contemplating until I become the image. For Love is "God" itself, and the image does not matter: when I love, I am "God".

But I cannot decide to love, nor force Love into my heart. When I try to love "God", I am obliged to remain attached to an image, and defend it against others.

IIt is more efficient and less dangerous to love a living and changing image of "God" : people, animals, etc. God is "loving everyone", and first of all whoever is in my universe. This is unconditional Love. And it is a way of living with people: to help them to become what they are, to help them to reach their aims.

The way to "God" through helping people is called KARMA YOGA: the second natural bridge to "God".

"Karma" means "action". Many people who say they love "God", are only able to help people they know. This is why Karma Yoga is more seldom practiced than Bhakti.

Through helping people, you become aware of the fact that you help yourself, and are obliged to banish any judgment and any "negative" emotion.

This self-control of emotions leads to a magnificent self-control of the body and of thoughts. It makes you an "Extraterrestrial" individual who lives the magic in everything.

The "the third path" is RAJA YOGA. "Raja" means master of oneself, king inside. It is very scarcely practiced as a yoga.

But the highest way to being "God", which is the consequence of any other yoga, is the feeling of unity: I and people around, I and the entire universe and any being or thing composing it, are ONE. No duality. I am the Whole and hence I love and help everyone as much as I can. I am the provider of everything, the creator of this universal illusion which was a pretext to love, to act, to help, to master.

JNANA YOGA is the Yoga of Knowledge, of the immediate understanding that I is the whole relation composing this universe now. The way I demonstrate this quality of understanding is my way of life. "God" is a relationship, for God is present, and nothing else but relationship is actually present: the universe is past: a creation of my past thoughts.

This is why you will very seldom meet people who practice Jnâna Yoga, and it is not written on their faces, but in their mind : they know.

Of course, Jnâna Yoga requires a high level of judgment, of experience, of understanding, in order to grasp the whole teaching of life and of books.

Anyway, if this page interested you, you probably understand what we mean, and probably you are able to understand more. So, follow the guide below and discover the highest truth that several millenia of life experience for the whole humanity, brought forth. The Science of Being which underlies the bases of great Religions and of great Traditions. But a Science completely and deeply rationnal, for all that is is rationnal, and you are.

So you can understand what you are and why. It is your duty to reach the height of your evolution as a man. Sooner or later, you need the answers to the questions that nobody ever answered for you.

Now is the moment. Here is the place.




Your mental mind believes in the separation it creates for its maintenance.

On the contrary, your spiritual mind believes in unity.

Faith and Jnâna Yoga are making your mental mind agree with your spiritual mind without fear.

To avoid fear, you must prove unity to your mental mind, so that it knows what it will find when separation is banished.

But as long as you cannot mentally prove unity, it will deny it and refuse to abandon separation.

Herein lies the difficulty of JNANA YOGA: proving mentally what intuition knows, even though a proof is generally physical.

The physical world is the world of separation, i.e., of illusion.

No physical proof of unity is valid, nor is there any proof of separation. There is no physical proof because the physical world is a creation of our mental mind.

So, the proof of unity is only a rational proof. A mental proof, without physical experiment. It is the first and main point.

Further more, to be sure that the universe, which is a duality, is actually bourne out of the principle and necessity of Unity, you need a strong deduction and explanation. If not, your mental mind will refuse Unity and argue that the necessity of Unity is unable to explain things. And therefore is invalid as a cause. Your mental mind is right: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND MATTER.

This is why we will be obliged to explain the origin of atoms, of the universe, and of MIND, scientifically but with metaphysical bases, according to the absolute certainties that we will discern.

Then, your mental mind cannot argue any more. It will recognize that faith is truth, will trust the invisible world, and let yourself fly to spiritual realization.

We hope all this for you.

Part One




fundamental Cause and the seven absolute Certainties




Part Two






THE UNIVERSE (mistakes based upon physical approach)

AND KNOWLEDGE (based upon hatemian metaphysical






Part Three






To practice Metaphysics is to behave according to the knowledge of what "I am" is.

Your behaviour cannot be the same when your think you are a body which needs love, than if you think you are the creator (of the body and its universe), source of all love.

Ontology is the modern name for the practice of Metaphysics, while Metaphysics is the name for the theory of Mind and causes. Jnâna Yoga is both: the way to become what you really are needs, at the same time, understanding and practice.

Ontology consists in being more and more the creator, and less and less the body. Of course, nobody ever is completely and exclusively the body, or completely and exclusively the creator. Everyone behaves in-between. And between the two extremes, you can behave identifying with your emotions, or your mental conscious mind, which are personal bodies more subtle than the physical body. In general, people behave according to their mental mind, or to their emotional body, rather than to their physical one. But rarely higher than their mental mind (conscious intelligence).

So, the relevant step toward "God" for today's man is to overtake his mental mind and identify with his CAUSAL mind, which is subconscious, and consists of our beliefs which create our universes.

For instance, these beliefs are:

- I am a human being

whereas, in fact, I am the creator of my human nature, the Infinite Mind living one of its human fates;

- I am matter and mind

whereas I am only mind, which itself generates the effect of matter and of bodies;

- I will die one day, but the universe is eternal

whereas I am eternal, while universes die and change at every moment; to know more about death, click here.

- I live in a universe, on a planet,

whereas my universe lives inside me, in my consciousness;

- I am subject to space and time

whereas space and time are my creations at every moment, according to my level of love;

- matter exists

whereas there is nothing material anywhere, only sensations of oppositions;

- people are separated souls and their interests are not mine

whereas there is only one "I am", and what people around live depends on me, and reciprocally;

- I am subject to a destiny, to events which are independant of my behaviour,

whereas every current event is the result of the way I loved previous ones, since my behaviour defines my spiritual needs, and only my subconscious mind is able to create anything; etc.

Metaphysics is the science which enables me to change my beliefs, since it rationally demonstrates to my mental mind that there is only one absolute aim generating one eternal mind, producing an infinite number of universes. Metaphysics enables me to acknowledge that matter is our creation at each moment according to the way we love the world and feel at one with it. I am the creator by my behaviour, and this means I must do my best to improve it until I become the divine being that potentially I am, living through the promised "Realm of God".

Hence, my mental mind can no longer believe in what separates it from others, and its logic prevents it from being in contradiction with what intuition (subconscious knowledge) already knows. Generally speaking, the "right brain" feels unity, love, "God", and so on, while our "left brain" denies them and says: "I am myself, you are yourself, my body is a material creation, and the universe is real".

After several years of studying Metaphysics, these inner contradictions are banished, the left and right "brains" are re-unified, your psychological equilibrium becomes assured, and you are well on your way to overcome human nature, identifying yourself with a higher level of yourself: the Causal Body instead of the Mental one. You are becoming the creator you always were.

How to behave as the Creator is:

- to recognize that there is nothing in your universe that you have not created.

You are the only one responsible for everything. If you think or say that something or someone else is responsible for what happens to you, or what happens in the universe in which you live, this means that you want to share your responsibility, hence that you think there are several creators, and thereby that there are several contradictory aims. But there is only one aim, only one creator, and where consciousness is, the creator is.

Therefore you only can love what you have lived and have been living until now, and thank yourself for it. If you regret or suffer from your past, it means that you have not yet understood.

- to always contemplate the future you believe in, your ideal vision of life, and to believe in it more than in what you see, which is always past, since it is a creation. What is present is not the universe. The universe is past, so it is illusion. What is present is your consciousness, and the way whereby you love your past (the universe), which is the present creator of the future. Your liberation from the illusion of the past is directly related to the measure of your love. By contemplating what you pray for, you create. Matter is according to your beliefs. What you believe in now is what you create.

- to never lie.

If you lie, it means that you have not understood that the universe is your own creation for your own good, and that you want to preserve yourself from it, or to receive love from it. You cannot receive any love from your creation, you can only love it. And as long as you preserve yourself from it, you cannot learn what it teaches you.

Moreover, when you lie, you disturb your subconscious mind which cannot create directly what you contemplate. The less you lie, the more your universe is "magic": what you affirm becomes reality.

- to help others to reach their aims.

When you help others to evolve and to do what they want to do, you behave as the Divine Providence of their universes. You are "God" for them, and for you, it means there is no competition between others and yourself: you are one. Then, your own aims will be achieved more easily. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you take, the less you evolve.

- to never feel lacking anything.

When you feel you are lacking something, you are wrong. You cannot. What you have is always exactly what you need, and if you do not recognize it, you will lose what you have and have even less. If you are the benevolent creator, you cannot imagine that your body has not received what it needs. Everything is past and works for the evolution of your consciousness. Be glad of what you have received, and you release the creative power that you restrain when you are unhappy.

- to love changes in life and in your life.

The universe is designed to change as quickly as you evolve spiritually. You must be glad of any change. Birth, death, arrival, departure, association, separation, appearance, disappearance, everything is good and arrives at the right time. And you are the only one responsible for it. This does not mean that you must wait and do nothing. You must acknowledge what is past and what is not past, love what happened whatever it was, but always contemplate what you want to happen for the good of everyone, for a better universe, for more justice, prosperity, health and peace. Your universe always has to be improved, since you are always evolving towards absolute divineness. Heal yourself to heal the world. The universe is your work of art. Never finished.

Do not choose death. If you commit suicide, you do not love changes. To experience changes, you must live, and be careful of maintaining your body in good health. Dying is to stop evolving. When the moment is right for you to change your body, it is acceptable. But you cannot decide this consciously. It is not up to your mental mind to decide this. Suicide is only a flight.

- In your daily relationships with others, in your family, in your jobs, in politics etc., to always consider yourself as the relationship itself, and not merely as one polarity of the relationship.

You are not a body related to other bodies, you are a relation of love, which demonstrates itself through the appearance (illusion) of two polarities: your own body and personality, and that of the other (or of the surrounding universe). The polarities do not really exist. What exists is the dialogue between them. You are this dialogue. Its quality is your sole responsibility. Never evoque the responsibility of others. Never ask anyone to change. Change yourself through more love. You are a way of loving, only you can improve it.

- to experience everything that can better equip you to face loneliness.

The more you recognize that mind is sole and unique and that you are it, and that eveything and everyone around is past, contained within your mind, then the closer you become to "God", your aim. "God" doesn't share any responsibility. It does not expect any love from anyone. It is the source of everything. Everything which reminds you that you are alone is good for you. All your life is designed to fly you away from this reality. But sooner or later, life makes us understand. It is better to understand without suffering, by understanding.

Everything that leads you to decide your fate by yourself is good for you. Take on as many responsibilities as you can. Do not hesitate in any situation, trust yourself and decide your life. Do not listen to external influences, prefer your own intuition.

- to love and respect everyone as yourself.

Loneliness is not sad. It is sad for your mental mind which refuses truth in order to believe in matter and in outer responsibilities. Loneliness does not mean that you have to live alone. You can live in a large family or community, and nevertheless recognize that you are alone. To love loneliness is to be responsible. Completely. You are the Providence of your family or community. You are one with mankind. Loneliness means that there is only one mind, and you are that mind. Of course, there are many bodies, and many persons, but they are inside mind, and you are none of them. They are creatures, illusions, but you are the reality.

This means two things: first you must be very respectful and helpful towards everyone, every creature, which are a part of you. The fact that they are illusion (a subjective reality inside consciousness and not a material, exterior reality, as it appears to be) is no reason to despise anything or anyone. The soleness of mind means that everything and everyone is a part of you, necessary for you to be. Love them as you love your children, since your children construct you.

If mind were not sole, you could not have any relationship with anyone. If they were outside of your consicousness, you could not communicate with them. Whatsmore, you could not even be conscious of them. If mind is sole, you can love. You could not love if you were several. You love others because they are yourself.

- to experience everything that makes you better live in the present moment.

Your reality of creator is present. Neither past nor future. You create now your fate and the universe you will live with. To remain influenced by the past or to hope something for the future prevents you from being present in your reality. To be more "present", you must be more attentive to what is around you, hear more, see more, feel more. Consider everything as being equally important, nothing as being indifferent to you. Live more, but without attachment. Do not forget to love changes.

Many activities will help you to be more present: sports, arts, politics, business, hand-work, child-care, cooking, etc. Never do things thinking of something else, or hoping to be somewhere else. There cannot be any happiness anywhere but in the present moment.

- not to believe in the past.

The past does not exist. Your memory is present. The creator is present. You are now creating your future, but also creating your memory. Your "past" is only a pretext to justify you present level of love. Your past lives also. If you get free from your past, you get free from your karma, you become the actual creator of your body and soul and of your universal reality.

- to escape all conditioning, by recognizing that your are the only creator and responsible for them.

The only conditioning from which you cannot escape is the fact of creating conditionings. This is normal for consciousness. But you must change them as quickly as you can. To be free is not not to be conditioned, it is to be the master of any conditioning.

Many other disciplines need to be followed in order to become increasingly the creator that you are. You will find many by yourself. First study metaphysics, understand why and how your mind is, and how it generates your universe, meditate about magnetic atoms and children as examples of perfect divine behaviours, daydream more often, create more, be an artist in all ways, write, sculpt, be an actor, be a researcher, be a leader, be a flower, and you'll see what Jnâna Yoga means.

To be in unity with everything is to be each thing. Completely. So that you are nothing.

Have a good time on Earth.

Enjoy your many selves.

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Origin of Mind,
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for the Third
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Origin of Energy,
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for the Third
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