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By Léon-Raoul & Frank HATEM


by Frank HATEM DSD

From absolute division to unity, the Being trys to acknowledge himself. At first he consists of a tremendous "  will " to merge with his neighbours, who are situated in " every " point of " space ". Almost immediately he feels like atomic particles, and then later he feels he is minerals, vegetables, men, and so on. And each time, he feels he is becoming " less numerous ". Of course. Evolution is a concentration of " energy ". The more we evolve, the less we are. Only one mind believing less and less in its division (see the " Pyramid of Evolution ") : there are many more particles than planets, more minerals than vegetables and so on. We will talk about this later. The main thing is that without an aim, an infinite aim, there could be no evolution. 'Hazard' is incapable of creating anything because, to retain the characteristics which help you to live, you need to " will " living. You will living if you have a reason to do so. With the Big Bang theory, there is no reason at all to carry on living.

Anyway you understand that the creation of stars, through the concentration of particles (clouds of energy), does not come from gravitation, and cannot produce over-gravitation. The attractive resultant of magnetic energy is sufficient to gather " matter " but obliges it to stop gathering after a while. So the universe is a universe, not a lonely stock of very concentrated matter. Extreme concentrations of matter are impossible in the universe. If there were any black hole, it would not be caused by such a concentration.

And you have understood that the heat and power of stars does not come from nuclear reactions due to concentration. If it were so, their lives would be very short. Their heat and power are due to their volume, which is incompatible with the synchronized spin of every nucleus at same speed. Nuclear reactions are only a consequence of heat produced by rubbing.

This description of the birth of the universe does not apply to one universe alone, because there is no real objective universe to perceive, but for every personnal universe, which are always almost the same, according to such or such level of consciousness of THE mind.

Even if everyone is one level of consciousness, and lives by one quality of matter, any two men have almost the same sensation of universe. And the "matter" they live is almost the same. But the difference is greater according to each kingdom of Nature.

When you observe the world, you can see only one kind of particles, because it is your world. So, each of them is almost the same quality of matter. It is the same thing for the speed of light: Its limit is your mental limit. For man, the speed we can observe is 300,000 km per second, everywhere in his universe, in everything he observes. Every man will live almost the same speed of light. Almost. But if we were minerals, we would live a much slower speed of light. And men are not able to see it because they are not at the same level of consciousness. Minerals evolve much slower than we do. And if we were angels, we would live a much greater speed of light. Our universes would evolve much quicker than now. And for us, space and time would be less resistant. We could go through walls and travel in time at will. One day we will. Just as those who were once men earlier can today.

Every level of matter, or of love, or speed of light, or evolution, or mind, exists at the same time: NOW. You probably realize that your ego identifies with what it accepts as being inside itself; this is what it accepts to believe in: minerals, vegetables, animals, men, all that is well known by the sentient mind, and if we believe in it, we can see it. This means that we can see our past, and only our past, everywhere around ourselves: rocks, flowers, birds. But we cannot see angels. We cannot see our future. Of course: if we could accept it, we would live it. My future is what I refuse. I cannot live it now, and yet it is.

The atomic particles that angels live are much more subtle than ours. But they are still "matter", as they also are evolving towards unity. Mind in evolution is always materialized somehow, since it limits itself.

Look at the figure below: Unity, the goal, is the ONE on top of the Pyramid of Evolution. At the bottom, where separation between zero and infinity is total, bipolar points are of infinite number. Between these two extremes, evolution takes place by increasing love, trying to merge zero and infinity. Love is a way of including the outer world into oneself. So, the more you love, the more you include the outer world as yourself. Hence, the more we evolve, "the fewer we are". Evolution is a concentration. A concentration of love, of energy, of matter. There are an infinite number of particles. Minerals include them and are much fewer in "number". There are even fewer vegetables than minerals because they concentrate the energy of the mineral world. Animals include vegetables and so are even fewer. You need many animals to make one man, so people are less numerous. You need many men to make one saint. So saints are few and far between. And there are even fewer angels, and archangels and so on, until... Until God, who is One. Evolution leads to absolute oneness, starting from absolute separation, and the world shows us this concentration of love which causes species to be more and more complex, but less and less numerous.

This Pyramid of Evolution means that from absolute separation (where consciousness is an infinite number of points), to " God ", Who is One, each Kingdom of Nature is a concentration of the kingdoms below, with fewer bodies than the one before. Evolution consists of becoming aware of what we are : Only one " I am " feeling the whole universe inside himself.

This new theory of evolution is only possible because there is a GOAL, which is Nothingness's unity, nil and infinite. Without this purpose, there would be absolutely no reason to evolve. Nothing would lead anyone to continue living and defend himself, nothing would bring molecules to gather together, nothing would bring species to make progress each time it were possible. And without this purpose, it would be absolutely impossible to say that one species is more evolved than another: There would be no model, no idea of perfection for comparison. The simple fact that we invented the concept of evolution shows that in our inner unconscious mind, we know that there is a goal, and what the goal is.

Physical evolution (from particles to man) and spiritual evolution (from man to "God") is one and the same motion for THE being to become himself. In the beginning, since he is afraid of loneliness, he is not self-conscious. He is completely asleep; but he tries to feel himself to be as "numerous" as possible. But the more he experiences life, the more he loves, the more he includes the outer world and the species within himself, the more he feels he is "God": everything. In the end, of course, he is obliged to admit he is alone. Just as Jesus Christ did, for instance. His body is the entire world. Universal compassion.


by Frank HATEM dsd


Man is the mid-point of evolution. From absolute separation (two-pole points everywhere, called by physicists "sub-quantum fields") through to man, Love takes the form of outer absorption; a feeling of outer absorption. From chaos to man, all species, all realms, increase their own will, their love, their energy, by incorporating a part of the surrounding world which they bring together: Firstly, two-pole points become an inner level when a proto-particle, which includes them, defines its territory (its body, its zone of influence). Subsequently, consciousness becomes that of an atom instead of being scattered into many particles. Consciousness becomes the atom's consciousness because it is impossible to remain eternally " many " when your unconscious goal, the cause of your existence, is unity. You always try to become one. And atoms will do the same.

Atoms do the same by gathering together into "atomic galaxies". Always associating with "collegues" outside. Later, unification will give rise to LIFE, when external energy (the sun's heat for instance), dilates the atoms (when atoms are dilated enough, particles become capable of revolving around another nucleus in their atomic galaxy, and in other galaxies, and this causes fluid mechanics, then chemistry, and then life).

Life is a new means of progressing towards unity, since, at a given moment, this progression was stopped by atom's mechanical equilibrium and stability: Particles were obliged to remain at a certain distance from the nuclei. Fluid mechanics allows for new combinations. And life is the same model: a cell is a center (nucleus) and a frontier (cell membrane, outer "electrons" or satellites for atoms). Cells are the vegetable level whereas atoms are the mineral level: The mineral way of life, of evolution.

The mineral way of loving is "gravity". For cells and vegetables, love is almost the same: consumption. Eating the friends around them, or "eating" minerals, to include them within, and become a little more infinite.

Beyond vegetables, you can see how animals love. They are less numerous, they are freer, and there again they feel a little more alone. Their way of loving is sex. This still represents an attempt to include the other, felt to be outside, thus pulled inside to become one, to become the infinite. And so animals continue evolving towards freedom and loneliness.

Then animals give rise to man. Right. What is the difference? The difference is that man is now able to admit he is alone. Animals hate to be alone. They live in herds, following one, and only one, will. And when man becomes a man, he too likes to live in "herds". Particularily for as long as he has not become adult. Teenagers need the unity of a group. Sexuality helps animals to realize that they are alone. Some do. Some people do also.

Loneliness helps man to understand that the surrounding world remains outside, even if he gathers bodies together. Gathering people to have power over them is useless. Making love with everybody is useless too. Eating children is even more useless. Nothing gives peace of mind because there will always be somebody outside to be included. PHYSICAL UNIFICATION DOES NOT PREVENT MENTAL SEPARATION.

All kinds of love, from two-pole points and atoms up till man, have tried to include the outer world, to become bigger. But this is useless. You always feel the same separation. There is always something or someone more to incorporate, to introduce into one's life. Peace is impossible in this way, and man is capable of understanding this.

So one day, man says: "separation is a mental process. I cannot cancel it out by a physical process. Only a mental process can ACHIEVE unity." This means unity can only be made from within. Not outside. RELIGION is born. Now man is a real man.


Thus, man is the mid-point of evolution. He stops searching outside so as to concentrate himself on the SELF, where unity is already accomplished. And now a new kind of evolution starts, a spiritual evolution, which has no end, since the goal is infinite. There is no limit to our evolution. Physical evolution has no end because we always create somebody else to love. This means that THE GOAL OF SEX AND LOVE IS NOT REPRODUCTION: ON THE CONTRARY, REPRODUCTION'S GOAL IS TO HAVE SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Spiritual evolution has no end either because we cannot reach the unreachable. We cannot attain the goal by evolving in time, since the goal is not somewhere in time. The goal is already attained, and has always been attained: it is the present moment. The nil present moment of infinite Nothingness, which IS, already now. Always. The evolution of consciousness is there to permit it to be, for as long as Nothingness is a necessity, for as long consciousness feels itself to be evolving. In other words : forever. We are doomed to love more and more, to live in higher and higher love, eternally. Isn't that nice?

If spiritual evolution is also never-ending, what is the solution? There is no solution. The only solution is the third option: to stop believing in evolution. There is no actual evolution since all is already accomplished. The upper kingdoms still exist, but feeling infinitely more and more infinite. Angels, Archangels and so on, even Christ, even Melchisedech are still evolving, and feel very, very far from "God". Even when you are in Samadhi, or Nirvana, or ecstasy, or in absolute peace of vacuity, even when you are Buddha or Saï Baba, you feel very, very small, compared to the Absolute. You know that it is impossible to evolve. You know that the only truth is not in trying to evolve, nor in trying to love and love more, it is only in being what we are, where we are, at the time when we are. That is all. If I do so, if I deeply live and accept my life in the present moment, then I am infinite, then I am God, then I am he who does not evolve because he is absolute.

This is the only favor I can do for "God", and "He" has never asked for anything else. The Father makes the Son, He does it in all possible ways, and each way of being the Son, each personal universe, must be completely lived by he who chose it. If the son is happy, the father is happy. He does not beg for thanks. He only loves to see his son happy. Be happy, and God is. That is why the second volume of this book is entitled:

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All the Spiritual, Ontological and Psychological

Consequences of Metaphysical Knowledge.

When you have all the elements to say: "OK, I agree, this theory is completely satisfactory and I accept it to lead my life.The basic principles stated in the beginning turn out to be true, since only they are able to clear up the mystery of matter. Then, they are probably appropriate to live by, and I will try never to deviate from them, difficult though this may be".

This is only the beginning for you. Little by little, you become aware of all the incredible changes it brings to your life. A theory is not something intellectual. It remains intellectual only for those who have not enough courage to apply it to their lives. Nothing is more fruitful for man than a correct understanding of the universe.

But as long as you don't have every element of proof, you can still say maybe the "Big Bang" theory or something else is more convincing. Then you are never sure of anything; always searching, never in peace.


What is the difference between original consciousness, an atom, the Sun, a cell, and a Saint? There is none. All of them are the same "I am" trying to cancel the space they create, defining themselves in opposition to the rest of the universe.

Everyone is a way of saying NO to what we are, and a way of saying YES to life. When I say "yes" to life, I let the universe come into me; I become the joy of "entireness", of plenitude. But the only difference is in my happiness, for I am still "I am".

How many vibrations does the being contain? All of them. From absolute separation to absolute unity, every kind of being exists and defends its existence. The infinity of being is the infinite multiplicity of people, of animals, of plants, of stones and of light.

Maybe you wonder how atoms, which are almost all the same thing, constitute so many different beings, such different kinds of materials?

By chosing a "vibration". Two questions about this: What is a vibration, and how can we choose?


You remember that atoms are ruled by harmony: synchronized rotations of particles, which turn at exactly the same speed in order to always present to one another the pole capable of feeling the most intensive attraction. You perceive this alternance of polarities: North, South, North, South, like a breath, at a definite speed. This rhythm is the "vibration" of the atom.

Generally speaking, just as for galaxies, the rhythms of synchronism are the same on a very large volume and surface. This is normal, since synchronization starts at the same time, and every star depends on every other one. Thus we have the same rhythm within the same material. Within iron, for instance, or sand, or water, etc. The rhythms of respective materials are different, but for a given material, it is always and everywhere the same. That is why we can recognize them, thanks to the waves these rotating particles send us. The speed of alternance (the wave's length), determines the feeling it causes in the receiver of the wave: density, hardness, solidness, colour, heat, sound, magnetism.

The difference between two atoms, constituting two different materials, is not a matter of atomic density: the quantity of particles does not really change the density of the material. You can add hundreds of particles to an atom, and its density still remains near zero, since it is full of emptiness.

There is a great difference between two materials, but the difference would not be noticeable if it were due to the number of particles. The difference comes from the "vibration", and nothing else. This is immediately perceived,and refers to the rotation speed of all the particles of a piece of matter.

Harmony reigns in all this material. Its consistency is absolute. And if you want to add it to another material, you often cannot: the spin rhythms are incompatible. Sometimes they are compatible, and you can solder, or mix them. Try to mix too different people: You cannot; their consciousness level will separate them. It is difficult to merge what wants to be different.

The "vibration" of a person is not that of his atoms. An atom is a vibration, but a cell composed of atoms has its own vibration. And a man composed of cells has his own vibration too. A man's vibration, and a special one, not a cell's vibration.

Harmony is the law and the condition for life. When harmony takes place, eternity takes place because the peace of equilibrium is there. Atoms also like Nirvana.


When you heat iron, it melts down but still remains iron. It becomes solid iron again when it has cooled down. It becomes fluid due to the ability of atoms to expand and return to their previous volume, which is the only way for life to appear. When dilatation is sufficient for satellites to reach the satellite orbits of other dilated atoms, the atoms can exchange their satellites (see figure below):

17 : Even between atoms of the same vibration (synchronized motion) there is no exchange of particles as long as the material is solid.

18 : Particle exchange becomes possible between dilated, still synchronized atoms, yielding fluids.

Sometimes, dilatation is a means to evacuate energy, without acceleration; sometimes there is acceleration. In the latter case, a particle is able to transfer from one atom to another, and nothing, or very little, changes in matter, since synchronization is the same in both atoms, and is retained by the surrounding matter's rhythm. THIS IS THE CAUSE OF FLUIDIFICATION, ENABLING LIFE

For instance, imagine water. It is already fluid, and it becomes a gas if you heat it, obliging satellites to push away nuclei, expanding the matter even further.

On Earth, there is a lot of water. You know that when it is cold, it becomes solid. And when you heat it, it turns into steam. But when steam gets cooler, it becomes water again. The quality of matter remains. This is another proof that the atom which is taught in universities is incorrect. Were it right, steam could never become water again. Electrons would flee and never come back to build up new water molecules.

Of course, it would be impossible if matter fluidification were ruled by what is called "Brownian movement", where fluids are explained by projections of particles everywhere, without any explanation for the energetic source of these motions. When a liquid turns solid, these motions are stopped. So, what incredible energy gives them a push to overcome inertia, and maintains these motions despite collisions and rubbings which should brake and stop everything very quickly?

No. Once again the real rules of matter are to be found elsewhere, in the harmony of synchronized motions, in the consistency of dualistic energy and dualistic particles, which is the only way to provide matter with its stability and its ability to evolve.

Fluidification is the first germ of LIFE. These exchanges of satellites engender new physical properties, which will permit chemistry, and new associations of harmonizable atoms. Thus life, the will for reaching the goal, can use new means to unify atoms, and organic evolution can appear.

You know that, since the will of evolving towards the goal, is an irrepressible necessity for peace, for unity, and for plenitude, even for stones and atoms which are moved by the same (not yet self-conscious) "I am" as us, Life will seize every opportunity to continue its path towards welfare and liberty. EVERY PROGRESS IN EVOLUTION IS A PROGRESS IN COMPLEXIFICATION: more experience, more information, more ability to move, to evolve, to learn, to love. Because it is progress via UNIFICATION, by adding into our territory what we felt before to be outside. In fact, from the beginnig to your "I am"-realization, nothing has changed. Your are the Truth.

You remember the pyramid of evolution. From bottom to top, you are a concentration of energy, from an infinite multitude to ONE: I-AM. Now you feel less numerous than a billion years ago. You feel yourself to be a human being. Much work was needed to get there.

So there is no need for us to talk about reincarnation at this point. You have already understood that the nature of mind and the mental origin of the universe require reincarnation to be. Everything is incarnation and reincarnation of mind. You do not need more proof now. The first book in French about this knowledge (published in 1985) was entitled "When Reincarnation Turns Out to Be a Scientific Certainty".

But before becoming human, you first lived the strange adventure of the atom. Imagine: A will to be infinite which meets a contradictory will not to be infinite, and then particles of concentrated mental energy are born. Particles again want to gather and merge with others to become one and an infinite particle, but they cannot: they are obliged to revolve eternally around each other. The situation seemed hopeless.

Now what could you do? Nothing. You could have remained an atom till the end of Nothingness, if nothing had changed. You felt yourself to be in equilibrium. Everything was harmonious and regular, apart from your desire to continue expanding and merging with the infinite. But you could not. Impossible even to touch one more of your fellow-particles.

You can imagine that if something would happen, allowing you to resume your quest, you would immediately seize the opportunity.

That is what you did. After billions and billions of revolutions, you lived THE Revolution of Life: for something happened: little by little your patient atom absorbed the energy of the level above, where Sun and Moon exchange their energies.

Yes, Sun and Moon. Sometimes the Sun, then the Moon, and then the Sun again, in harmony with the whole pulsation of the surrounding universe. Of constellations.

But why on the Earth? Have you noticed that, apparently, the Sun and the Moon have exactly the same diameter in the sky? This means their energy is wonderfully balanced. And the Earth is the only planet in the Solar System where this is so. Everywhere else, the Sun is either too big or too small to be equivalent to the satellite(s) of the planet. Here and only here, Night and Day have the same power. Inside and outside. Female and Male. Yin and Yang. Mercifulness and Rigor. Consciousness and Love.

Little by little their pulsation became yours. Little by little their energy liquefied your matter: previously you were attached to a nucleus, always the same, but after ages, your expansion allowed you to revolve around another nucleus, which gave your atom and others its own satellites. And so on. Matter started moving, giving you the opportunity to continue evolving to infinity.

Of course you did not hesitate. The necessity was too strong. Had there not been such a necessity at the basis of life, a purpose, a goal, life would never try to evolve, to defend itself, to maintain its breath. Nothing would push it. The universe would be only a field of ashes. Less than ashes. An infinite death.

Congratulations! You have succeeded in living until now. You are Victory itself, doomed to win. Are you afraid of your future? There is no reason to be. Necessity will not be extinguished tomorrow morning. So your life goes on, don't worry. In this body or in another, no matter(!). The more you completely experience bodies, the more you evolve. If you spend enough time in each of them.

So, if you are tempted to commit suicide, don't bother. You cannot escape from life. The way to reach Nothingness is not death. Death is an experience in our lives. That which gives life its importance, its limitations. Without mental limits, nothing would give us spiritual progress. Fear is good.

The only way to Nothingness is life itself. Life until the absolute end of unity. Through more and more love and more and more consciousness. And this is impossible without a body to demonstrate your level of consciousness, your level of love.

So thank yourself for your body, thank yourself for the life you live; you created it, because you are the only creator, and your only purpose is peace. So everything you create is good. Divinely good. Infinitely good.


The will is: not to evolve and to resist Nothingness. The need is: to evolve and to generate what already is. The will for living is an eternal will; happiness is never fully achieved, and yet we die. Isn't this stupid?

On the contrary, it is very intelligent. Death allows evolution by giving us limits. Limits of space and of time. If we were not threatened, in our deep unconscious mind, by the fate of dying, we would not evolve. Stones are not aware of death. They evolve very slowly.

Anyway, we sometimes die because we are tired of resisting ourselves: MY TRUE REALITY IS INFINITY. MUCH EFFORT IS REQUIRED TO MANAGE TO REMAIN SOMETHING LIMITED. This is very tiring and makes us get old. After a while, when we are too tired, we let ourselves go, and suddenly, we feel ourselves to be a little more what we are: almost infinite, in a world where space and time do not restrict our lives.

But of course, we are afraid of this, we do not feel able to cope with it, we have not accumulated enough experience to live this comfortably; our fears and desires are still strong and limit our love, so we need to learn again and play a new part on the universe's stage. Something new which will help us to fear less, to love more. Hence we urgently come back to the safety of matter.

Yet, when it is time to take a new body, we regret this world a little, where love is more unconditional, where bodies are more subtle, where our friends are our future. It is too early. After a vacation, which repairs your wounds, you must go back to work.

Who decides? I decide. Only I can decide. In fact I do not decide when I am dead; I decide everyday, during my life on Earth: Every attitude I manifest is a decision. Each time I choose to love or to hate, to be this or to be that, to lie or to say the truth, every act, word, or thought of my life causes my spiritual needs, and draws my future life. My decision is a decision of each moment. Only "I" is responsible.



The fact that mind is not inside matter, but that the universe is a part of your mind means that it is not possible to introduce mind into Physics (" Holistic Physics "), but pertinent to introduce matter and life into Psychology, i.e. to build a " Holistic Psychology ". It exists since 1987.

See you soon for another web about Holistic Psychology ("creative thinking" and "liberating thinking"). Summary :

You are the whole (big circle : infinite potential) ; but you only demonstrate a part of it (little circle : your ego) ; so,you express the complement : it is your surrounding universe. So you create your own reality by limiting yourself. Change it now by changing the way you love, since your limits are the limits of love (universal energy).

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Léon Raoul HATEM, born in Paris in 1922, is an autodidact researcher into magnets and magnetism who discovered DEGRAVITATION several weeks after Einstein died. This discovery is the missing link of atomic mechanics, since it enables motions to start and accelerate without any external energy, and explains the origin of gravitation. So it became possible to set up a theory of the atom grounded upon only one energy : magnetism.

Comparing this theory with the many unsolved problems of Astronomy (motions of the moon, behaviours of planets, big planets' rings, comet's motion, consistency of galaxies, birth of stars etc.), he realized that all these problems can be solved if repulsion is associated to "gravitationnal" attraction (in fact, both attraction and repulsion produce gravitation associated to spin synchronism).

He registered his theory at the Paris Academy of Sciences, where it remained misunderstood, probably because it was too revolutionary.

In his first real book "ET L'UNIVERS FUT" (1973), he thought that magnetism could not be explained, that it is "God", but he explained that its nature is only the opposition of two unmaterial principles, the sum of which is nil. So the universe is nothingness, just as Tao (Yin-Yang).

In 1973, his son Frank HATEM, born in Paris in 1952, was correcting the text of "Et l'Univers Fut" and decided to solve this last question : why energy instead of nothingness. ? Comparing the main laws of his father's theory with the ancient symbols of Astrology (he was an Astrology teacher), of Kabbalah and of Alchemy, and practising deep meditation, he eliminated many ways of dualism to discover in 1985 the only way to explain the real nature of duality and the reason why nothingness is bound to be a duality. Searching the origin of energy, he discovered the origin of MIND. Energy is its form, and apparent matter is the consequence.

Then Hatem's theory was complete : from nothingness to the universe, through mind and magnetism. Simply the most basic but the most efficient theory of the universe, the first one to answer man's main question: Why something instead of nothing ? Why mind, why space and time, why the universe ?

Then he wrote his first book "Quand la Réincarnation Devient une Certitude Scientifique" ("When immortality turns out to be a scientific certitude"), and others followed, including : "La Fin de l'Inconnaissable" (End of the Unknowable : why mind, how it generates the universe), written with his father; and "La Règle du Je"in 1992.

Frank HATEM invented HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY in 1987 as a consequence of Psycho-Cosmogenesis, and published in English in 1994 : "NEW KNOWL'AGE : Origin of Mind, Origin of Energy, Origin of Matter".

Frank Hatem graduated from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in 1976, studied Logic and Epistemology at the Sorbonne (Paris 1986), and was named Divine Science Doctor by the Université de Metaphysique of Montreal in 1990.

Psychotherapist member of the International New Thought Alliance, he delivers lectures and seminars about Epistemology, mind, energy, matter, reincarnation and Holistic Psychology.

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