The only way to explain the universe is to explain MIND first.
Because the universe is a NOW question, linked to sensations.
Frank HATEM.

The main part of HYPERSCIENCE is registered at the Paris Academy of Science (France 1955 and 1985)

By Léon-Raoul & Frank HATEM

1 - THE BASES OF KNOWLEDGE AND OF LOGIC; the fundamental Cause and the seven absolute scientific Certainties.

Metaphysics is the science of causes. Not the science of effects like Physics. Its epistemology cannot be based upon experiments. It can only be based upon the absence of any hypothesis. Hypotheses are admissible in Physics, since you can verify, but not in the Metaphysical field. Our science refuses any hypothesis and demonstrates that this is the only way to understand the universe, mind, matter and life.

If you read the page " Science for Tomorrow ", you realize that university Science is incapable of explaining the universe as a whole.It is founded upon experimental verification of a universe considered as a scientific " object ",despite the fact that these experiments take place " within " the laws of the very universe they try to explain ; i.e. within mind.

The only way to build a science of the universe is to study it from outside, without refering to universal laws, where there is no being.

This means you must start from NOTHINGNESS.

Nothingness is the contrary of being, the contrary of the universe, hence it is the only zero-point from which you can build a valid science of existence.

But nothingness is not only a " zero-point ". It is also a CAUSE, the first cause, since it is the only absolute necessity. This can be proved in several ways.

The main way is to acknowledge that what " is " is the whole, whatever it may be, and that the whole is bound to be infinite. Now, infinity cannot be something. To be something is to be definite. So nothing infinite can really be, neither mind nor matter nor " God ". The Infinite is undoubtedly a necessity but not a reality. A necessity is an aim, and an aim is a source of energy.

Infinity cannot be, so, infinity is a limit, a potential revealing itself little by little. " God " is this eternal necessity which creates everything towards infinity.

But the aim can never be reached. If it were possible, since this necessity is eternal, it would be, and there would be nothing at all here and now.

The fact that infinity cannot be but is necessary is called by us : " nothingness' necessity ".

You will discover that this necessity, alone, is sufficient to generate all the laws of the apparent universe, both physically and spiritually.

The Seven Basic Certainties are not hypotheses. Any experiment takes place from within their parameters, so, it is impossible either to prove or to falsify them. This is why Logic and Science depend on them and confirm them, even if they allegedly are not " scientific ". They are undisputably true.

Our new epistemology merges " truth " and " Science " instead of simply stating that what is true is unscientific, and what is scientific is not true. It becomes possible. By acknowledging the primary axiom of Logic, it becomes possible to build a science of truth. The primary axiom is a synonym of Logic itself. We call it

" Nothingness' Necessity ",

the only logical starting point.

Nothingness' Necessity is proved by the very fact of " being ", itself, as the first five basic certainties demonstrate.

I - I AM.

The sensation of being is a certitude. Only the sensation, not its form. My sensation of being is the sensation that there is a universe. It means that being is a DUALITY. I say "I am" because I feel in opposition with "what I feel I am not". I feel that the infinity around me is outside me, is not me. This object of consciousness makes me feel "I am".


There's nothing in the universe which is not contained in this sensation of being: everything I can experience is a sensation of "I AM". Hence, if I want to be scientific, I must recognize that NOTHING EXISTS OUTSIDE MYSELF, since the whole universe is MY SENSATION. So, I am obliged to say: "I am not a body". For my body is a sensation among many others, and all of them are included in "I AM". I can't be at the same time matter or body, which are forms of sensation, and the sentient act itself. These are two different persons, and the first step to initiation is to recognize the distinction between these two aspects of reality: what I am, and what I feel myself to be. I am the consciousness of things, not things themselves.


Everything is A PART OF MIND. OF MY MIND. Matter itself is a sensation of mind. Now you can no longer remain a physicist. If you are still in some doubt, ask yourself the question: "can I be conscious of something which is outside my consciousness?" The answer is NO. I can't be. If I feel or observe something, it obviously means that it is INSIDE my mind. If it is outside my mind, I can't have any consciousness of it. Quantum Physics is obliged to admit that. The whole universe, all that can be conscious, is spiritual. You can by no means prove the existence of something matérial, though you can be sure of mind. So, be scientific. Reject hypotheses. Reject matter as such.

IV - I am a sensation of universe, all of it is my mind, and THIS SENSATION IS PRESENT. I am present and only present. No sensation exists in the past nor in the future. Even memory is a present feeling. It doesn't prove the past. Nothing can refute the fact that only present being is certain. Once more, reject any hypothesis in order to build certainties to lead your life.

V - THE PRESENT IS NON-EXISTENT, IS NIL. It doesn't have any duration. You can always divide what has a duration, and find something in it which is of lesser duration. The present is not divisible. It only separates what is past from what is not yet. It's a point without substance and which doesn't contain anything. Physicists sometimes give present a duration, in order to allow the universe to exist. This is scientifically untenable


Since it needs no cause at all, and NECESSARY, since being is a question (and when you analyse being, it turns out to be non-existent). If you can produce an eternal and necessary cause of God, of Matter or anything, you win. But you cannot. The only "thing" which doesn't need any cause is NOTHINGNESS. So, it is superior to any other reality. If the cause of God or of Matter stopped, "Nothing" would immediately take its place. It means that Nothingness is a greater truth. Stronger. And hence it turns out to be the fate of anything else whenever its cause stops (ad infinitum).

NOTHINGNESS'S NECESSITY means that Nothingness is the AIM, the absolute aim, which yields the energy creating the universe. The universe will turn out to be an eternal means for nothingness to be eternal. This paradox will be explained further when we explain that apparent being is a " separation " within the principles allowing Nothingness to be actual.

VII - There is nothing else certain but this necessity. Hence, LOVE, TIME AND EVOLUTION (which are the appearance of illusion), are this necessity itself, the demonstration of this energy. A necessity is an energy. The universal evolution is this energy, FROM THE CAUSE (Nothingness Necessity) TO THE AIM (Actual Nothingness, or UNITY).

Since being is a separation of nothingness's principles, and since the aim is their absolute unity (nothingness). Nothing else but the paradox of Nothingness is, and nothing else but love fills up the apparent life yielded by this paradox. Hence, to love is to become what we necessarily are, never reaching absolute unity. There is a cause, which is the contrary of what is, so what is is its means. The Universe enables Nothingness.

Do not try to understand too quickly. Explanations are coming. For a résumé about mind, click here.


Now, we have all the ingredients necessary to answer our questions. We know that what we want to explain ("I am" and its universe) is an ILLUSION, since what really is, is nothingness. So we know it will be possible to explain it from nothingness. Of course, if the universe did really exist, it would be difficult to extract it from nothing. We know, then, that the problem is only a matter of illusion. And we also know that in order to explain this illusion we already know its cause, which is, of course, the Absolute Goal: Nothingness, once again. A real source of energy since it is a necessity.

This is a lot. Much more than the simple and usual certainty :

" I am ".

The cause is the goal, so we come from Nothingness's necessity, in order to achieve Nothingness, which already is. Nothing was never but Nothingness everywhere.

Do not sink into despair over that; Nothingness is not tragic: it does not change anything in your illusion of being, which is eternal.

Some people think: "If the universe is illusory, it is of no interest; I'd rather die". This is a mistake: "illusive" only means "part of my mind". And for this reason, an illusive universe is much more interesting than a real one: if real, it would be a foreigner to me, there would be no possibility of communication or love with it. I could not even be conscious of it.

Fortunately the universe is inside me; it is me. My mind. So, I can communicate with it, I can love it, and I can change it by changing my thoughts. Most of all, I do not depend on it! It is there to enable me to blossom towards my goal! Isn't that wonderful?

People are right when they say: "Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings". But now you understand why.

And do not imagine that to commit suicide will accelerate the realization of Nothingness: only living and loving as much as possible makes you feel more in the present of reality. Nothing else. Neither drugs nor death.

Now we can go further into comprehension. FRANK "GANYMEDE" HATEM, whom you created on your planet in order to hear this, is answering your questions.

YOU: Excuse me. I was just behind the door when I heard I had created somebody on my planet! Rather astonishing isn't it? I do not believe a single word of it. Who are you and where do you come from?

FRANK HATEM: I am nothing, I come from nowhere, and I'm going nowhere. What is now, what you read, is not the product of some past, but of your goal. The author of anything in the universe is eternal, and infinitely nil. That is "I am": Nothingness's Necessity.

YOU: Hmm. Tonight, nothingness is strange-looking. I once heard: "To him who sees things as they are, nothing remains unknowable. Knowledge is not a matter of intelligence. It is only a matter of courage. Ignorance is the fear of what is self-evident". If it is self-evident, why don't people recognize it?

F. H.: People generally prefer what is not obvious, in order to complicate their way towards their goal. So as to be sure to remain what they are. The Universe is absolutely simple (if not, it couldn't exist). But understanding it is very difficult because IT IS THE ROLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS NOT TO FACE ITS CAUSE.

The basic certainties are obvious to anyone who has courage enough to face himself. They are not at all obvious for him who fears. If you disagree with them, it means you have not meditated enough. You are not yet able to face yourself completely, in which case you must wait. Knowledge is dangerous for you. Your fear is a protection for your mental safety and well-being.

If Esoteric Traditions have kept all these things secret, the reason is that these things are dangerous... for some people. For others, these are the best things for them to grapple with, the food they need to grow. Are you hungry?

YOU: I brought some cookies. Allegedly, we are now entering the Age of Aquarius. Things should not be kept secret any more. Knowledge will become available to everyone. However, it remains dangerous for some people. But those who come to live on Earth nowadays probably know exactly why.

It is probably time to get used to what, before, we feared. So, I think it's OK for you to talk. Everything is illusory, isn't it? This is probably what people fear. It becomes all the easier not to fear your conclusions, however, since your Nothingness contains everything: "I am" is nil but contains the whole universe! But isn't this a contradiction?

F. H.: Not at all. The Whole is Nothingness, but Nothingness is the GOAL, a necessity, not a starting point. A Necessity which is able to produce the conditions of its accomplishment. Thus, Nothingness is the result of all the sensations of being. This means that illusion is the means of Nothingness. Everything is illusory, of course, but these sensations of universes allow the goal to be, nil and infinite. So illusion is obligatory, eternally. You will never fall into Nothingness, into the absence of consciousness (for even the deepest coma is not a total absence of consciousness).

YOU: You have not answered my question. Many religions have been talking about illusion for millenia. Seemingly, they are right. But the question "why illusion" remained unsolved. Can you answer it? If not, your theory is as nil as your Nothingness.

F. H.: By the end of this chapter, there will no longer be any question about the origin of material illusion.

YOU: You must be dreaming.

F. H.: Life is a dream.

YOU: You presume to explain the universe with one contradiction and five obvious observations, and a conclusion which is the same as that of former prophets? I'd rather go home; my husband is not there.

F. H.: This is not a dream; it is a nightmare! Please let me argue progressively. Nowadays, Physicists' research also confirms this illusion, but they do not know why and how, because researchers ignore the goal of the universe. If you are patient, you will soon understand. You know, for decades, physicists repeated that the question concerning the goal of the universe was nonsense, only a game for stupid metaphysicians.

YOU: ...Yes it is.

F. H.: Where is the publisher? This person can't be the one who was supposed to ask me questions!

Nowadays, physicists are bound to say: "Everything leads to an end". Obviously, evolution and complexification can't occur by chance. There's something which draws the universe towards somewhere.

Now they are right. Right to begin to work with Metaphysics. But it's not their job. The question of the goal of the universe has been solved since 1985. It's not necessary for them to work it out again:

ONLY NOTHINGNESS IS, ONLY NOTHINGNESS CAN BE. This is the conclusion they will reach some day. Then they will start being scientific scientists. This conclusion confirms the final basic certainty :

ONLY NOTHINGNESS IS SELF-JUSTIFIED, i.e., Nothingness does not raise any questions, whereas being does.

YOU: What is Nothingness? Your brain?

F. H. : Nothingness is "infinite nought". We specify "infinite" because "nought" is not necessarily nothingness. Nought must be infinite because if not, it means it is limited by something outside it. It is relative to a part of the whole, not to everything. So it is not Nothingness. It is only "nothing somewhere", not everywhere. If it is not infinite, "nought" is relative.

On the other hand, we can say that Nothingness is "nil infinity".

The "infiniteness" of Nothingness is one of its two essential conditions. The other one is "voidness". Of course, if infinity were not nil, if it were " something ", (I mean God, or Mind, or Matter or something else), it couldn't be Nothingness.

YOU: Nothingness is "infinite illusion", isn't it?

F. H.: Yes, but "illusion" is not "something definite". Every illusion is a means for nothingness, but none of them are a reality with a real cause. Every illusion within the "Zero-point" is nil, has no duration, nor any substance. However, there is no other Nothingness but the one which is generated by the illusions of each moment. Nothingness is self-justified, but only possible if illusion is. We shall soon be convinced of this: the only possibility for Nothingness to be, and it MUST be, is thanks to illusions which ALLOW IT TO BE NIL! This is a paradox, not an inconsistency.

YOU: Nothingness, without anything, with no illusion, would be simpler. For me, the contradiction remains blatant.

F. H.: In fact, Nothingness without 'being' turns out to be impossible, and to understand this, we must study Nothingness further and see. We know that Nothingness is, although there is also illusion, and to study it, we must evacuate illusion.

Nothingness is the present moment, which is nil and infinite. The illusion is that of time and space, which fill up consciousness. We must empty consciousness and then see. This is easy: we know that we must study the present moment, rejecting the feeling of time which makes us avoid the reality of present.

YOU: Easy? In the present, I feel you and the world around me, I do not feel Nothingness!

F. H.: Remember this: Nothingness IS YOUR GOAL, not your consciousness. It is the goal of your consciousness, and your consciousness (in space and time) is the means whereby you attain your goal.

There is no "me" and no "world around"; they are illusions in time, and time does not exist. All this is illusion. Only the present moment is, and it is nil. But you cannot be conscious of it, since your consciousness is the means to achieve it! Consciousness is the contrary of Nothingness, in order that Nothingness is. You will understand this better when you realize that your personal goal (a consequence of the Absolute Goal) is to be present.

Actually, everybody knows that the goal of one's life is to feel more and more in the present, and all religions teach methods to be more and more present, more and more "here and now". At the same time, meditation reveals that when you are completely present, in the core of your being, you are nothing. I am, but I am nothing. Void. To be AND not to be, that is the answer ! 

YOU: He likes to be void! Poor metaphysician! As far as I am concerned, I am full of richness, and everyday is a better day.

F. H.: But you are right! We feel we are evolving towards a great truth because we believe we are something other than absolute truth.

Evolution is to become oneself. If I were already myself, I would not evolve, I would be at peace. But it's because I refuse myself, my nothingness, that I feel myself 'being' and subsequently am bound to become what I am. This is evolution. Every motion, every movement in the universe is a means towards peace, towards equilibrium, absence of motion.

Here are two magnets. You see, they try to touch each other. It is not necessary for me to push them to make them move, they move towards one another without consuming energy! Why? Because when they are not united, they are not themselves. They are in contradiction with themselves. They need to become what they are: UNITY, just as we try to become what we are: Unity. Consciousness is dualistic ("me" and the "universe"), unity is absence of consciousness: Nothingness.

Consciousness is only an opposition, moving toward its unification. Without this evolution, without this movement toward your equilibrium, you could not be sentient. Imagine you stop the restlessness of the universe, and you stop every motion in every atom around you. What would remain?

YOU: A vacation! That's great! A little calm for once.

F. H.: Less than this.

YOU: Particles of matter.

F. H.: No. Nothing would remain because matter is only an impression due to apparent motion. Without motion, there's no universe. Nothing. Motion of what? Motion of nothing, in fact, since mind doesn't really move. It is always here and now. But it believes it moves, projected into the future to reach its goal of absolute peace (Nothingness), and restrained by a memory which it doesn't want to lose (universe). All energetic motions in the universe are only psychological ones.

The Truth is peace, across every apparent motion, and this absolute peace is Nothingness. Nothing more. A point, that is all.

YOU: Peace is when you do not talk.

F. H.: If you doubt Nothingness, it is only a logical fear, a fear which prevents you from totally losing consciousness even when you sleep, even when you meditate, even when you are dead. A fear which makes you live. But a fear which makes you live outside the present moment. So you live in the past, with the memory you create, or in the future, with your hopes and wills. But you really feel you are being yourself WHEN YOU ARE REALLY PRESENT, and then there is neither future nor past. You are in the eternity of the moment. You know, when you make love, or play sports or music and so on, all these activities which save your life from time and illusion.

YOU: Please, Lord, save my life from this illusion !

F. H.: Space and time are the illusion which allows the present to be. You wouldn't be real in the present, and Nothingness wouldn't be actual without this illusion. It is important to understand this because it will help you to live with your new knowledge: The illusion of life is the truth to live by.

YOU: Why does he want to help me? I can play music without his truth!

F. H.: Talking of music, music is the activity in which people generally feel most present. The greatest source of emotion. When you are completely submerged in music, you feel completely present. Yet, if you try to capture music in the moment, you capture nothing: music in the very present doesn't exist. It is not even a note, not a single note, no sound, because all this requires some duration. The present has no duration. So, there is no music at all at the very time when you feel so full of present emotion. This emotion relies upon memory, memory of notes before, and expectation of further notes. So your ability to be real, present, relies upon the illusion of time.

The same applies to the universe. The whole universe is comprised of memory, but thanks to this you can have emotions and reactions, which engender your present, and then engender Nothingness.

Nothingness, the present, both require your presence, so they require your emotions about an illusory universe.

So, you continue to believe in this universe, because your deep, unconscious mind knows that it is necessary to enable Absolute Nothingness to be.

I hope the contradiction you pointed out is solved. It will be increasingly solved later on.

YOU: Funny. If you demonstrate that "eternal, present Nothingness", is allowed by consciousness's illusions, you will have explained the origin of the universe. But I'm afraid you cannot.

F. H.: I can explain more than this ; not only the origin of the universe, but the origin of Energy, of Space-Time, and of Matter as well. For complete explanations (continuation of this page), click here.


F. H.: Up till now, I haven't said anything about the origin of mind, but you know enough about it to understand the origin of space. And it is almost the same. In major Traditions, they would say it is the origin of LIGHT. So, let there be Light.

Space is definitely not a physical field. Nothing is physical. There is no physical space, only a spiritual distance between you and your infinity. Consciousness consists of putting its own infinity "outside" itself. You know "I am" is infinite, for it is the Whole. Consciousness is the refusal of this infinity, for reasons that we shall explain later. Thus, as "I" push out the "whole", it feels itself to be in the center of it. The whole is now perceived outside, and this consciousness comes from the opposition between the center and infinity. As long as there's no opposition, there's no "I".

YOU: I know: Let's phone my husband, he is a master at creating opposition.

F. H.: There's no need. This separation is necessary, to ensure the reality of Nothingness.

YOU: This is nonsense. Maybe I'd better phone a doctor.

F. H.: You will agree with me very soon: do you agree when I say Nothingness is necessary?.Do you?

YOU: I already said that I hate Nothingness. I want you to talk about Love and Life. Or cooking if you like... but not about what does not exist.

F. H. : I am talking about what really exists, and justifying Love's and Life's eternity! Please, follow me further. Anyone who reads this book will feel that Nothingness is more "logical", more "normal" than being. Because if he thought that being were normal and necessary, he would never ask any questions about the universe and being. Man is a philosopher because he wonders "why something, since nothing would be so simple?". Just as you do.

Actually, Nothingness is the simplest thing; that's why any serious cosmology must start from nothing. Otherwise, it is only a game to reassure oneself about existence.

For the reasons we explained above, only Nothingness can be. Now, what conditions therefore become necessary for Nothingness to be (or to not-be)?

YOU: Conditions? If it's necessary, it is!

F. H.: Yes, it is, in the present moment, but only thanks to two conditions. I've already talked about them! Are you sure you are present?

YOU: I'm trying. I'm trying. In my next life, as you said, I won't ask any questions at all.

F. H.: Nothingness must be NIL and INFINITE. If not nil, it is something instead of nothing. If not infinite, there is something else outside to limit it. So it would be neither infinite nor Nothingness. OK?

YOU: That's too abstract for me.

F. H.: It's not abstract, it is exactly what your present sensation of being contains, and what you need to know to answer the question "who am I". Please don't give up now.

Our question has greatly evolved since we began: First of all it was "why something instead of nothing", then, "why Nothingness seems to be mind's dualism". Now, since we know that Nothingness is the unity of infiniteness and voidness, and that mind is the opposition between voidness and infiniteness, the question becomes: WHY DO TWO PRINCIPLES (Zero and Infinite), SEEM SEPARATED EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ONE. This is the final question, and to solve it, we must study those principles, and see what difference prevents them from being united.

Nothingness requires two "things": voidness to be nil, and infiniteness to be the Whole. Two principles which must be real, and united, for Nothingness to be.

We can define Infiniteness as "the absence of any limit"; and Voidness as "the presence of every limit". Zero is infinitely limited. Infinity is not limited at all.

Now we know the two conditions for Nothingness. Each of these principles must be real, effective. Maybe other conditions are required in order for them to be. Let's see.

What about the infinity principle? What conditions does it require in order to be?

YOU: Maybe... my faith in its existence (I would never have imagined such a question).

F. H.: Not even that. Infiniteness doesn't require any conditions. It is unconditional, i.e., it is an absolute principle. Infiniteness is unavoidable.Do you know what I mean? Infiniteness is the principle according to which there can be a Whole. There is ineluctably a "Whole": if there is God, God is the Whole. If there is matter, matter or the universe is the Whole. If it is your faith, your faith, your feeling, your mind is the whole.

YOU: And if there is nothing?

F. H.: If there is nothing, Nothingness is the Whole. The Whole is an absolute principle; no condition is required for it to be real.

But what about "voidness"?

YOU: You mean: What conditions for voidness to be real?

F. H.: Yes. Does it require conditions?

YOU: How much time do I have to answer?

F. H.: Yes, you are right: There is a condition. The condition is for Zero not to contain anything. Voidness (zero) is real if, in fact, it is empty of everything.

YOU: But it cannot contain anything, since we are in Nothingness! There is nothing in Nothingness that zero could contain! So it is actually voidness.

F. H.: Yes, there is something. There is "infiniteness". Nothingness's infinity. The fact that Nothingness is the Whole, is a reality that even Zero must externalize from itself, so that it can contain nothing.

The Vedanta says "God expresses His infinity". This is the same reality, but the difference is that we know that "God" is the Necessity for Nothingness, which pushes out Infinity to be expressed in order to realize a really nil Voidness. The Whole empties itself of the Whole. This is the unavoidable creation of Dualism.

Try to imagine a point. Nil. And now try to imagine that this point is all. Infinite. This is only possible if, even though zero is infinite, its voidness remains distinct from its infiniteness. Distinct in order to be real. Voidness cannot be if it contains something. Since its infiniteness is, it is bound to empty itself in order to be.

And the only way to reject infinity is to become the center of it. CONSCIOUSNESS of SPACE is the fact of being the center of our infiniteness. Everywhere.

If this primary cause of consciousness does not convince you, you will appreciate that, to be united, Zero and Infinity must be equivalent. Are they

Partially, they are.

The main reason why they cannot be only one reality, is the fact that "infiniteness applied to something, is nonsense". We demonstrated that something cannot be infinite. Only nought can.

On the other hand, Nought, applied to something, is not nonsense. It can be applied to infinity, but also to anything "finite". It is not nonsense. So the two principles are fundamentally different. This difference prevents them from being completely united. Nothingness is impossible without consciousness which allows voidness to be real.

The infinite present is only possible thanks to illusory space-time

Infinity is nil, but Zero cannot be infinite without containing infinity. To be nil, it maintains it externally. Consciousness is the result of this, at each moment, since these necessities are eternal.

YOU: I prefer my version of God with his long, snowy beard.

F. H.: Moses says at the beginning of the Bible: "In the beginning, there is a separation between Earth and Heavens". " In the beginning "' is a mis-translation of the Hebrew "Bereshit", which means "within principles" or "all that follows concerns principles; abstract principles". And the separation is that of YOU (mind, "Heavens"), and the universe (matter, outer infinity, "earth"). And that is what I am talking about. For the only way for voidness to be, is to oppose itself to the other principle. Zero's necessity is responsible for dualism. For zero to be, separation is necessary. So, from zero's "viewpoint", infiniteness is inadmissible. Definitely refused. But from Infiniteness's standpoint, there is no separation. Infinity contains the Zero principle. But Zero does not and cannot contain infinity. If it did, it wouldn't be nil, so Nothingness, which needs "voidness" (the fact of being nil) couldn't be nil.

YOU: Is "Zero" intelligent enough to decide this?

F. H.: It doesn't decide anything and is conscious of nothing. It is only the principles that are not totally compatible, and even then, only from zero's viewpoint. For from infinity's viewpoint, they are absolutely compatible. For the two principles to be real, the two viewpoints must be real. One of them is consciousness.

YOU.: Well, and what about me?

F. H.: You should be glad, for you've just been born ! Your mind is born. Your consciousness is born. The universal consciousness which makes you say "I", and also makes me now say "I", is born. Thanks to this opposition.

YOU: Did you bring some diapers for the baby?

F. H.: I brought you a wonderful rattle: mind; the illusion of life; and you are not content? It's great: you are your mind, you are "I am" in yourself, not your temporary body of course, which is one of your mental sensations. This means you are eternal, free, and all-powerful! You should be glad!

YOU: I am alone, nil, and "I am" is the fact, for Nothingness's nullity (voidness), to reject Nothingness's infiniteness. That's all.

F. H.: You are the Whole!. Every sensation, every reality in the universe, comes from within this opposition, and is a result of this opposition, and is a part of your mind. Everything comes from your zero's viewpoint, toward the infinite that you express. You are the creator of the universe, YOUR universe, the only real one for you.

YOU: This is too much for me. Oh! Really, is it possible that consciousness originates in the opposition between the two principles necessary for Nothingness?

F. H.: Look around you. You are conscious because you consider the world around you to be outside of yourself. Because you consider it as non-you. Anti-you. Without this feeling, you couldn't say "I". So the world-object is a part of your consciousness. But you always feel yourself to be in the center of it, in the center of yourself.

The fact that you are this opposition means that you are not only the center of this opposition: not only zero. You are also the creative relation between zero and infinity, which is a part of yourself.

You are the relationship, not one pole of it.

YOU: It is difficult to think that I am everything, since I feel myself to be something, me, my body and soul, my personality. If what you say were true, why wouldn't I feel I am God?

F. H.: Your question is very important. You cannot feel infinite. If you could, you could not remain self-conscious. Consciousness is necessary for voidness to be. So you must feel you are not God, infinite consciousness. You must feel you are separated from the main part of yourself, the world, which is your unconscious mind.

To remain separated, you are obliged not to feel yourself to be nil. If you did, you would feel infinite, because, in fact, only Infinity is nil. There would be no difference between the two principles, thus they would not be real in their respective right.

In order to remain separated, you are bound to feel yourself to be something, a part of infinity, with which you can identify yourself. This is what we call EGO: your personality.

Ego is your conscious mind, "God" is your unconscious mind. Ego is conscious because it is the frontier, the opposition-line between what you imagine yourself to be, and what you consider as "non-you", outside you. Only the frontier is conscious, because consciousness is only the act of opposition, the act of rejecting something as non-self. That is why you feel yourself to be a body and a soul: they are your limit, the frontier you defend to prevent infinity getting inside you and threatening you with infiniteness, with unconsciousness, with nothingness, with loneliness.

And everything which reminds you that you are infinite will be rejected, everything which liberates you or makes you change will be feared, for fear is our means of resisting evolution towards our infinite reality.

This is our dialogue with the world: we know we need it, and that it is our future, but we brake as much as we can so as not to become what we are. That is the cause of slow evolution, of man's anxiety and despair, and the cause of TIME.

YOU: Knowledge is the means to stop depriving ourselves of our evolution?

F. H.: One of the means. If you are a yogi, if you dive deeply into yourself, you will see that you can get rid of your body, and still say "I am"; you can get rid of your ego, your feelings and emotions, and still say "I am"; even your thoughts. You can consider them as part of the outer and material universe, see them as an object, and continue saying "I am". When you have thrown everything away, you confront your real self. You feel your emptiness. But you still remain self-conscious, since emptiness is, in opposition to infiniteness, an infiniteness that you refuse less than before: you let it in, and that is "nirvana". But not completely, because there are no limits to the infinite you encounter, and you can always reach more infiniteness. You are never God. God is the goal. The unreachable goal: Present, Absolute Nothingness.

So you think you are an ego? Yes, you cannot feel being without a frontier to defend. But this boarder is a habit. You can change it, and make outer what was inner. Now you can stop fearing the changes in your life. They are the evolution of your ego, and you know that there is nothing to fear: you cannot lose consciousness, you cannot feel infinite, but what is sure is that you can feel yourself to be more and more what you are: the whole. This means living with more and more LOVE; more and more unity, infinitely.

Your mind is the only mind that exists. Everybody is inside it. Why not love them as yourself?

There is only one mind because there is only one necessity for Nothingness, and only one "zero" principle. But their necessities are permanent. It means that at every moment, mind is being born. Thus, mind is continuous, and everyone of us always feels himself to be THE only consciousness, each one living with a personal universe.

So, you continue saying "I am".

YOU: But you say "I am" too.

F. H.: The same mind says "I am" with another body.

YOU: Why another body?

F. H.: This is another very important question: How can unity produce multiplicity? This is the problem of evil and matter, but first of all let's consider the problems of space-time and of energy.

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Frank HATEM.: It is easy to imagine a point. It is more difficult to imagine that this point is the whole, with nothing outside. No space.

To be nil and to be the whole engenders space. Because to be nil requires the ejection of infiniteness. As we, said this generates the moment of consciousness, which is a feeling of external space.

As soon as consciousness is, which is the feeling of being in the center of the whole, another problem occurs: there is an infinity of ways to be the center of infinity. An infinity of centers. Since consciousness has no reason to be here or there, it is the center everywhere, i.e., every manner of being conscious exists. Every viewpoint.

This is the creation of an infinity of personal universes. There is not a real, objective universe, since this would require some strong justification. There is an infinity of points of view, and each one is a "universe". Because everywhere that consciousness feels to be the center, it maintains itself by becoming an ego (we explained this before).

Each time you define your ego, you define the rest of yourself as being outside: it is the form of your universe. If I change my ego, I change the universe I live by.

So, since every form of ego, every kind of relationship between I and infinity, exist, (every point in infinity is necessary for infinity to be), there is an infinity of universes, experienced by "I am".

We believe we are several minds, aware of a real universe, but in fact, we are only one mind, conscious of an infinity of illusory, personal universes.

Nothing is objective.

YOU: And time ? Time comes from the permanence of mind's necessity?

F. H.: First of all, it comes from space's necessity. At any given moment the apparent separation between zero and infinity is. Apparent because only zero's ensurance creates this impression.

The outerness of infinity is illusory. And so space is illusory itself.

But this illusion cannot be avoided. At any given moment our infinity appears to be outside: our infinity which is our goal! For you know that "I am" is all, and consciousness refuses that, although it cannot ignore it. If our infinite reality were conscious, we would be unconscious, for there wouldn't be any outer object to be conscious of. It would be nothingness without nullity, since only consciousness allows voidness to be. This would be nonsense. Hence, consciousness is eternal, we will never be conscious of Nothingness.

YOU: It means we will never have an infinite consciousness.

F. H. : Infinite love would also be unity. Unity cannot be conscious, since consciousness is a dualism. Unconscious Unity, infinite love and consciousness are our goal. We cannot avoid trying to become what, in fact, we already are; we cannot avoid evolving towards our reality. But we never reach it. Life is an eternal evolution. That is why time exists. Time is the fact of eternally searching for an end we cannot reach. Time is the consequence of the NECESSARY refusal of what is REAL, NOTHINGNESS.


If we could reach the goal, we would be conscious of "Non-Consciousness". This is impossible. So time is, eternally. The feeling of time comes from the fact that our reality cannot be lived, but is nevertheless felt as a necessity.

YOU.: That is the cause of evolution?

F. H.: That is the cause of everything. The entire universe is a search for more love, for more unity, for more peace or equilibrium. And the universe is eternal, for "I am" who creates at every moment these illusory universes, is always trying to merge with it. But since this is impossible, it can only cause it to evolve.

Thus, our universes will eternally evolve towards more and more love.

Are you still afraid of Nothingness?

YOU: I am afraid of your science, because in fact, it is mine, and I never noticed it. All that you say seems logical, and more than this: normal. As if I'd always known this. Maybe we are one.


Frank HATEM: Yes, we are one. And energy is the fact of recognizing unity within multiplicity. Here is the seventh and last primary evidence:

LIFE (or Evolution) ANNULS THE DUALITY OF MIND, or THE ONE AND ONLY ENERGY IS LOVE. The energy which rules the universe comes from the difference between reality and its appearance (refusal of reality). I feel myself to be something other than my reality. So I am bound to become myself. And becoming myself involves stopping my belief in the surrounding universe, since EVERYTHING IS INSIDE MY MIND! This is a certainty. And what enables you to draw within you what you felt to be outside of you? IT IS LOVE. Love. When you love somebody or something, you bring it into your inner territory.

Love is the one and only energy in the universe, which makes particles maintain their cohesion, which makes us stay stuck to Earth, which makes us eat and transform living food, which makes us try to merge with people we love. Look around you: all men's activity has only one goal: UNITY. Unity with what we feel to be outside us.

YOU: Thank God, I manage to feel you outside, however.

F. H.: You remember that being is to be a duality. The duality of "I" and "You", Me and the universe-object of my consciousness which is an essential part of my consciousness. Evolution comes from this duality and goes towards unity. When unity is achieved, there is no longer an object of consciousness, so there is no longer consciousness. What do you call a universal absence of consciousness?

YOU: Men!!!

F. H.: You call it Nothingness. Nothingness is the opposite of mind, when there's no duality. If unity is the goal, Nothingness is the goal. We discovered it through mysticism and Logic; now obervation reveals the same thing.

YOU: No! I don't accept what you say! The goal is Love! Boohoo!

F. H.: Strange, for once, you seem to understand what I'm saying. Love of what, if unity is? The universe is love because Unity, Nothingness, is the goal. If that unity were not the goal, there would be no love energy between you and me.

YOU: Between you and me... Wait a minute! Don't even think of it! I can yell very loudly,you know!

F. H.: When you yell, you demonstrate your love, because you suppose people will hear you, and come to save you. You suppose you are one. To feel yourself as one, you need to feel people outside. We are one.

To love, you need a duality. Love is the process of unification, starting with consciousness's separating nature. Love is the opposite of consciousness. Mind is first consciousness, which separates; then love, which unifies. Consciousness is a refusal of the goal, of reality; love tries to make reality be. And these two processes are the two aspects of ENERGY: Love is attraction, consciousness is repulsion. Exactly like a magnet. Attraction and repulsion are Yang (concentration) and Yin (expansion), Shiva (transformation) and Vishnu (conservation), which make up TAO or BRAHMA which are "infinite nothing".

We can also call this duality the "Holy Spirit", which is Creator and Redeemer: CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES, since it puts outside what is inside, and LOVE SAVES, as it makes us become what we eternally are.

But we prefer to call it simply "MAGNETIC ENERGY", since it is the dualistic energy of magnets, which is responsible for all other forms of energy in the "physical" universe.

YOU: Only one energy for every phenomenon? Physicists have been trying to unify theories for centuries, spending billions of dollars in the process, and you claim to have discovered the "unified field of energy" all by yourself in 1985? This is probably a joke, set up by TV. Where is the "Candid Camera"?

F. H.: No. My father Léon Raoul HATEM did, in 1955. He showed that only one energy, a magnetic one, is able to make up atoms and stars, and to account for every form of energy in the universe. And he already knew that that energy is Nothingness, for the addition of these two opposite forces is zero.

YOU: So what more did you invent after him?

F. H.: The origin of this energy: Why Nothingness looks like a huge and eternal energy of dualistic mind. Why something instead of nothing. The final problem. Do you want me to explain it again?

YOU: No! Please, please! Never tell me again about infiniteness, voidness, Nothingness's infiniteness, infiniteness's voidness, nothingness's infiniteness's voidness's necessariness, and... Please, never again.

In fact, you are the Devil. Yes, that's it! The Devil!

F. H.: I am "I am". You too. And he who creates this knowledge is YOU, generating today a universe in which this book exists, only because your unconscious mind knows that you are ready to understand.

Moses says: "There is only one God". And "God says "I am I am"" (those who translate "I am that I am" are wrong). This means there is only one "I am". Only one mind. WHAT WE FEEL TO BE THE INNERMOST PART OF OURSELVES IS WHAT IS COMMON TO ALL OF US. Whoever is in front of you, it is "I am", i.e. YOU ARE HIM. You are this. You are everything, and everything is your body. Not only your personal body.

If you believe yourself to be your body, and that you are eternal and all-powerful, you are crazy. What is eternal in me is not Frank Hatem. I am not Frank Hatem. Frank Hatem is one of "I am"'s bodies and personalities, and everything in the world, every particle, is one of "I am"'s bodies also.

YOU: Well, maybe not the Devil, but, at least, you must be extraterrestrial, or an astral-traveller, or Moses's reincarnation.

F. H.: This (my) personality can be what you would like it to be. Be romantic if you like. But you must understand one thing. YOU ARE THE MIND, AND MIND CONTAINS EVERYTHING. So there is not a single thing you cannot understand in the world. If you do not understand everything, it is your fault: you prefer to believe you are a personality, instead of being faithful to your infinity. Be faithful to yourself. Trust in your infiniteness. Do not deny yourself. Understanding the illusion of universes is not a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of courage. Do not be afraid of yourself, of Nothingness's Necessity, and you will be able to read everything inside your infinite reality-book.

YOU: At long last, I do not need you. You can go home.

F. H.: Sure. If you can see me in front of you, it is because you are now able to hear these things. It is the same for those who buy this book. They create it in their lives because they know all this, but still refuse to recognize it inside themselves. So they create an outer teacher. Until they assimilate everything and become the teacher in their turn.

We always work like that. What I create in my world is what I need to introduce into myself, to merge with. I already have it inside, but I refuse it and am not conscious of it. Then, the day I feel strong enough to grapple with it, I experience it in my universe. When I feel able to grasp it, I make it come into my universe to get used to it and assimilate it. And when it becomes a part of me, I believe in it as mine, and no longer see it outside. That is the way we create our universes to make them evolve. WHAT IS CREATED OUSIDE IS WHAT I UNCONSCIOUSLY FEAR; WHAT I LOVE COMES INSIDE AND DISAPPEARS. Thus species evolve : including today what unconsciously they refused yesterday.

YOU: Yes, many people say we create our own reality. But up until now, I have not been really sure...

F. H.: Now you can be. Only you are responsible for how much of your own infinity you are refusing. So if you maintain a part of yourself outside, by believing in your own personality and defending it, if you want to identify with something instead of everything, you create your "remainder", which you perceive outside. Thus, your universe is what you need to become entirely yourself.

YOU: But I can't stop creating, because the ego is necessary for consciousness!

F. H.: No, you cannot. You are bound to create because you cannot be conscious of your infinity. Nothingness needs your limits. But what you can do is to love every limit in yourself and in the surrounding world, to consider everything and everybody you meet as yourself, in order to let your "outside reality come inside". This is wisdom.

YOU: So I cannot understand everything, and the same applies to you.

F. H.: Right. You win. But the more you accept your infinity, the more you become able to understand. It must be your new frontier. Of course, one day in the future, another science will replace this one, since evolution is not limited. The enterprise of your life must be Unlimited Love. Unlimited Knowledge.

"God" creates in order to love. You create your universe to love it, because unity needs dualism. What is outside is what you are bound to merge with, sooner or later. Everything you do makes you merge with it: talking, reading, fighting, eating, touching, sucking, everything. The less you resist, the more you admit that this universe is the right one to be loved and assimilated, the sooner you will feel free and happy.

YOU: It means I mustn't try to change it and improve it?

F. H.: No. It means you improve it when you love it, since things you have accepted in yourself need not be met again. You love your universe when you improve it, for every action to help people or move matter is a loving action which shows you do indeed cope with the situation. Cope. Cope. Be present to your creation. That's all you have to do to become PRESENT. Your present emotion is the fuel of God, of Absolute Nothingness's Necessity. It needs you!

YOU: Being myself, genuine, sincerely facing the world, that is real love. Loving my world as my creation. That is the basis of "New Thought".

F. H.: Yes, it is. Consciousness is creative, Love is the way it merges with its universal creature. As soon as you feel your infinity outside, love appears in order to banish this distance. Love appears because you feel the necessity of Nothingness, which is the source of your consciousness, and Nothingness's unity its goal.

Love is the one and only energy, which consciousness restrains, granting it a limited speed instead of infinite speed, a rhythm of evolution instead of immediate infinity, an inertia, which makes energy measurable, which produces a universe. Matter is our sensation of boundary, tied to the way we restrain love. I refuse to be everywhere, so I feel the solidness of these limits preventing me from falling into infinity. This feeling of resistance, everywhere, is what we call MATTER: the atomic particle of your dualistic mind. The birth of an atomic particle is a very amusing adventure. It is YOUR adventure.




Now you know what mind is. What reality is real. Everything is spiritual, but you can never grasp mind and exhibit it. So, no physicist can believe in it. No physicist can believe in himself. In "I am". Everything you can perceive is a form of "matter". Everybody, every object in sight, the Earth and planets, but also your thoughts, emotions and feelings are somehow material. If you dive deeply enough into yourself, you will observe them as outer objects, somewhere in space and time. You call it "matter". However it is only a sensation, and moreover, a VISION, a spiritual vision, as you are only sure of matter when you touch it. I am touching the keyboard of my home-computer. I feel the chair upon which I am sitting. I feel matter. But the wall in front of me is only a vision. I think that if I try to touch it, I will feel it hard and solid. I believe this. But I am not sure. Is it scientific to say: "The surrounding world is matter"? No. It is a hypothesis, a habit, founded upon past experiences, but NOW, at this very moment, I do not know. Maybe it will resist; maybe I will go through it with no effort.

If I become able to free my thoughts like that all the time, ignoring past experiences in order to invent a new world, one day the wall won't stop me any longer. I'll be able to go through it. One day. When I dare recognize deeply and totally that only "I am" is.

So, the problem is not to explain matter, as if matter were something real. It is to explain matter as the form of my mind; my spiritual belief in matter, and my spiritual sensation of matter each time I experience its resistance.

A sensation. Matter is a sensation. A sensation of consciousness, within my consciousness. Do you still doubt this? OK, let us suppose that it's only a hypothesis, and let us try to explain how a sensation can look so material and objective. Find another way to study and explain it. We already know what mind is, so it should be easy to understand this special form of mind: "Matter".

Remember that when you believe in real matter, you exclude any possible explanation.

In fact, you already know the origin of atomic particles: When my love meets its limits, I feel outer resistance. This resistance between my will and the world around me is a point of resistance. Only due to my refusal to include the object inside myself, to consider it as a part of myself. To consider it as myself. If I did, I would quickly feel infinite. So my consciousness refuses to extend my limits that far. I remain myself thanks to my resistance towards something I consider as outer. WHERE MY WILL FOR INCLUDING THE INFINITE ("love"), MEETS MY CONTRADICTORY WILL NOT TO INCLUDE IT ("consciousness"), the resistance is total. This point is a point of resistance, the principle of an "atomic particle".

In fact, it is not yet a real atomic particle. It soon will be, but it is not as yet. It is only the basis of a particle, the basic feeling of matter. It is a point where two contradictory wills are in opposition. We call this point a "two-pole point", or a "bipolar point".

It is a point without any volume, and its two poles are only the two contradictory wills which give birth to it. When it has a volume, that is, when it takes place in space and time instead of being THE point of space and time, we call it a "proto-particle, (and the Science which deals with proto-particles, "Proto-Physics"), until the atom is formed.

The proto-particle becomes a real particle when it spins and revolves, sending a wave, and the Science then dealing with it becomes "Physics".


Where does the two-pole point of my resistance take place? Nowhere, because it is my mind itself. And my mind, as I am conscious, is outside what I think to be myself. The world around is my mind. It is entirely this resistance point; i..e., anywhere I feel myself to be, I feel the same sensation of matter.

It is MY sensation of matter, my resistance. For anyone else, it will be another sensation of matter because somebody else is another way of loving. Another limit to love. There are no two persons who would be on the same level of love. It is impossible. The only reason why there are many "beings" is that the Self is all the levels of consciousness between absolute separation and abolute love (unity). All levels exist between these two extremes. If not, these two extremes would be useless: they wouldn't draw evolution toward unity. There could be no communication between them and therefore separation would not be the way to the unity of Nothingness.

Soon, these bipolar points will gather together and concentrate their energy into a diminishing number of "beings" ("centers where "I am" is felt). They become particles, then atoms, minerals, cells, vegetables, animals, men, and so on. Evolution is a concentration of the universal energy into a decreasing number of individuals: from multiplicity to unity.

Everything starts with two-pole points which cannot remain steady: They are points of energy just as they are will of love and will of separation. They cannot remain indifferent towards the surrounding space each one feels around himself, nor indifferent towards the other points of space, these others which are himself. They are attracted to each other. Maybe you think: "No, they are also repulsed by one another, since they want to remain separated, so, nothing moves". This is incorrect. Everything moves, and this is what was called "chaos" in previous Traditions. Everything moves because love and consciousness are not two opposite forces. They are two contradictory wills, but not two forces.

The will of unity is a real force, since it has for its purpose the reaching of a goal. It has time. It takes time. And we explained the origin of time: the will of unity is only constrained by the will of separation (consciousness' necessity), which changes the absolute necessity (Nothingness, perfect unity) into a goal impossible to attain. Separation is not active in this scheme. It is only a given situation at the outset and is not active: it is not a force. It only resists like "inertia". Hindus call it "conservation". It's thanks to this that love is an energy, since it becomes measurable: this energy is measurable because it is progressive energy: Without the will of inertia (consciousness), love would be realized immediately, unity would be, and there would be no evolution, no motion, no measurable energy.

Hence we have one force, love, attraction, and a resistance: consciousness, repulsion. Resistance slows down the force, gives it progressiveness, and so draws evolution towards the future goal, which it refuses in the present. But it does not cancel love. It does not cancel the force. It limits it, preventing the speed of energy from being infinite. Time is born thanks to this resistance. This means that this chaos is a real chaos and not something steady or motionless. Every point of "space" is attracted by all other points. And at the same time refuses the other aspect, the other pole, of each point.

The two poles of each point are "I am" (which is repulsed by others but attracts the appearance of others), and its appearance from outside (which is attracted by others).

In the beginning, the refusal of the other points' mind is unconscious. What is conscious is the fact that each point believes that it has a territory, that it is the only will for a great number of points, a portion of space. Consciousness, which always identifies with its external limit, where it refuses the outer world to come in, thinks it is a stronger point, always feeling itself as the center of the infinite, but including the will of a great portion of space. But it cannot include all of space: this would result in immediate unity. So, the result is that mind believes it is separated from others by outer space, by void, but still feels the presence of others somewhere in this outer space.

This is the concentration of energy in the infinite field of mind, creating a great number of centers where the will feels itself to rule its world, in competition with others which are its own limit of will.

This is particularily pertinent for Psychology: Others' wills are only produced by the limits I apply to my own will.

Of course, all this requires no time. Points are immediately unified by the will of unity. There is always only one will, but whereas previously it felt itself to be an infinite number of points, now it feels itself to be a smaller number of proto-particles, energy concentrations. Inside them, all points of will still exist, as in our body, which is only our consciousness. The consciousness of each cell still exists therein, and in them the consciousness of each atom etc. Only my image of myself has changed. Hence my "external universe" has changed.

Your universe now consists of feeling strong, large, and separated from others by empty space. And you will continue to try to extend your mental territory since you still feel attracted by other's appearance. You fall upon (i.e., "collide and merge with") them to unite as long as you can, as often as you can.

But soon, the feeling of distance between you will be so big, that it will become impossible to come together: Too far removed to be able to attract enough. At a given moment, coming together becomes impossible, because the distance has become too great: whatever their positions, the two magnets still attract and repel one another with almost the same forces. They can no longer fall upon one another. Then something new will occur: the birth of atoms.

Thus you will become an atom, then a group of atoms, later a cell or something else. Today you are a man or a woman, and tomorrow you are Christ. Little by little you discover what you are.

Only one spirit, but many levels of consciousness. Simultaneously. Now, your atoms are made of particles, and each particle is the will of a large number of bipolar points which are living NOW what we have just described.

The creation of the universe does not take place in the past. You feel being only now, and it's only now that you create the universe. You are the consciousness of creating a person's universe, but at the same time, your atoms ignore your existence and are living their atom's universes. And now, Christ is still living his universal body, containing your own body and all of mankind, yet you are unaware of him. This is normal.

So. All this is a little bit fast to explain the evolution of bodies while consciousness becomes aware of its infinity, gradually incorporating the surrounding space to include its inner wills. But the principle is simple, and you probably understand it.

Once again, there is not just one universe to explain, but the sensation of an infinite number of universes: every being is a universe (men, animals, cells, vegetables, rocks, particles and so on), is a personal universe, because each one is simultaneously a way of refusing, and a will towards, unity. So each one lives a kind of matter, a kind of resistance, a kind of atomic particle.

The question is: "OK, mind is magnetic energy. Attractive and repulsive, and this contradiction generates a feeling of resistance to each other. But if it is easy to imagine a point which has two functions, it is more difficult to understand why an iron rod has two poles, situated at two definite places, which is necessary for it to be in motion."

That is the problem of the "physicalization" of energy: The feeling of matter only appears where there is a mental resistance to infiniteness. Consciousness is situated only on this boarder-line, where infiniteness is rejected: the surface of self. So, mind always identifies with ego, with its body. And only the body is bound to bear the contradiction of mind: to repel and to love. Only the body (the form, the territory) can do this and, as it has a form, it cannot avoid using one part of itself to attract while the other repels. So bodies are polarized: top and bottom, right-hand side and left-hand side, front and back. If one performs one function, the other performs the opposite function. Hence, when mind demonstrates itself in space and time, it behaves like a magnet with two physical polarities.

At the outset of the relationship the form of each magnet immediately determines which side is considered as this or the other pole. In actual fact, this makes no difference; there is no difference between two poles. The difference is a necessity, a mental necessity, which is decided by each one simultaneously when they meet. And it then becomes impossible to change (unless there is a strong external intervention).

It is all the more impossible to change since the relationship starts simultaneously between all proto-particles of the universe. Immediately, all poles are defined and cannot be changed, since the relationship between two of them defines their poles, which leads to some particular relationship with the others around it, which are immediately forced to decide, and the the entire space is populated by two-pole particles, physically determined.

There is no other way to remain separated when you want to love everyone. This is the dilemma of mind fashioned into an infinite number of bipolar bodies.

We cannot prove that particles are bipolar, but we can prove that they cannot have only one "charge"; we can prove, for instance, that the Earth is actually a two-pole magnet, and that this is the source of what is only called attractive "Gravitation". The following experiment should clearly demonstrate this, and show that matter cannot come together in only one place and explode. The great number of planets and particles does not come from an explosion or division of a central concentration of matter.

As matter drains towards the infinite, the flight of most stars, which made Abbé LEMAITRE invent the " big bang " theory, does not come from an exploding center of matter or from concentrated energy which pushes them away. It could not. If this were so, they could not accelerate their motion, but only slow down or retain the same speed. Nonetheless, they would appear to be accelerating. If their flight is increasing in speed, it needs increasing energy in order to sustain it, not decreasing energy, as would be the case following the event of an explosion.

THIS UNDOUBTEDLY MEANS THAT THE SOURCE OF ENERGY IS NOT AN ORIGIN IN THE PAST, BUT AN AIM IN THE FUTURE. The closer you get to the aim, the more you increase speed, just as in " gravitation ".

The aim is Infinity, so the universe is eternal. No way back.

Now you know why and how your level of love generates your body and the universe at each moment.

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for the Third
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for the Third
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