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COGNITIVE EPISTEMOLOGY which yielded the discovery of the ORIGIN OF MIND

By Frank HATEM


No. If you are conscious of something, it means it is inside your consciousness. So, everything you perceive " outside " is in fact INSIDE your mind. Only a perception. The whole universe you perceive now is this perception, the " shape " of your consciousness now. Hence the right science for reality is not Physics but a science of consciousness.

Such a science exists since 1985.

Maybe you think that this epistemological attitude (Epistemology is the domain of the principles ruling Sciences) is mere " solipsism ", and that solipsism is an ancient mistake of Philosphy. This can no longer be said today. Ancient solipsist theories were neither rational nor elaborate enough. Their bases were correct, but they failed to make a distinction between conscious personal mind and unconscious collective mind. The whole universe is inside the universal mind, and everyone is this mind seeing himself (the universe) from one special personal point of view. We are not several minds conscious of one real universe outside, but rather one mind conscious of an infinite number of personal universes inside it.

This is now rationally proved thanks to the new epistemology we propose, which up until now is the only way to explain the origin of the universe, matter, atoms, energy, space-time and mind.

This is why, today, it is irrational and unscientific to believe in a real material universe, in a multitude of minds, and to believe that mind comes from matter.



Sciences today are ruled by the principles of Epistemology proposed by Karl Popper, in which he defined the scientific nature of theoretical propositions as being: the possibility of creating experiments which disproved their propositions.

This is not possible for fundamental problems about matter, mind, or the universe itself. For instance, you cannot invent an experiment which would prove that the universe does not exist. So everything you say about the universe is unscientific, and the universe itself is not a scientific object.

Many things can be true and yet unscientific, and many others can be scientific, but not true. This is unacceptable.

This is why Sciences today find themselves in deadlock when confronted by fundamental questions. So, another epistemology needs be invented to resolve them. A new way of proving things without recourse to experimentation, in order to reconcile Science and Truth.

Several philosophers have tried this in the past, such as Descartes or Kant. They failed because they did not manage to explain matter and atoms.

At last this is now possible. Thanks to Léon Raoul HATEM who discovered " DEGRAVITATION " (15 mins. to load) in 1955, a magnetic effect enabling us to understand how immaterial principles (of mind) produce material effects (motions of energy and hence matter).

To receive the book " Science for the Third Millenium " in which this theory is described, click here.

The link between the two forms of epistemology has now been achieved, and we can build a science both for the universe as a whole and for material limited effects.

For Science today, MIND is the only problem of real importance.

Because the Universe is a sensation. Because you cannot be conscious of something outside your consciousness. Everything you are aware of is, necessarily, a part of your consciousness. This is what Hermes Trismegiste meant when he said: "the universe is mental".

Of course it is, and Quantum Mechanics has come to the same conclusion, 5,000 years later. The question of the universe is no longer a physical one (: " where and when did it explode? ") but a metaphysical one: " why mind, here and now ?".

This is why the Science of the Third Millenium will be the Science capable of answering man's major question: WHY SOMETHING INSTEAD OF NOTHING ?, why MIND instead of NOTHINGNESS ?

But the condition of its validity is to explain THE BIRTH OF ATOMS (15 mins. to load, as usual) AND OF THE UNIVERSE from this model of mind.

We call it the "ZERO-MYSTERY SCIENCE".

Nobody could ever explain mind out of matter, out of neurons etc. (because mind is neither inside matter nor inside neurons. Neurons and matter ARE INSIDE MIND; are sensations).

Since it is proved today that mind comes first, and that matter is a creation of observation, a science of mind is now justified, even by ancient epistemology standards. A science starting from the ABSENCE OF OBSERVATION, the absence of anything: from NOTHINGNESS itself.

- This is the first point for Exo-Epistemology: if you start from something, you do not explain anything, you only describe a transformation. The aim is to answer the ultime questions, so it is scientifically untenable to remain within the framework from which those questions arose.

- The second principle is to reject any hypothesis.

In order that a fact or proposition be deemed scientific and true, and over and above the conventional scientific criteria (experimental reality that is verifiable and repeatable, wether or not confirmed by experimentation, etc.), an additional criterion would have to be established and respected: the absence, explicit or implicit, of any hypotheses.

- The third criterion is that these propositions cannot be contested by any experiment. Whatever the experiment, it confirms it. Of course, this will only be valid if there is no hypothesis in the proposition.

Obviously, general consensus will need to be established in order to agree what is hypothetical and what is certain. The problem of conceptual unification can no longer be avoided, for Science is a social act.

These fundamental propositions, taken as a whole, could be called " ontological consensus ", and do not call upon any more intellectual honesty than that of any other epistemological option. These propositions cannot possibly be refuted by any honest mind.

There are several of them. A typical example of such a proposition is, for instance, " I am ". Nobody can refute that, and whatever they do serves only to confirm it. No scientist today, even if they were not a philosopher, would contest that. In fact, modern and ancient logic (Bertrand Russell, René Descartes, Plato etc.) never said anything else. Consensus transcends centuries and cultures.

But there are several other propositions of this kind (see http://metah.htm). " I am " can neither be contested nor disproved, and yet it is unequivocably scientific by nature. In the interest of the advancement of Science, it would be a shame to continue to overlook these fundamental truths. If they are not recognized as being scientific, Science will lose its legitimacy.

If they are recognized, Science will become capable of building a universal Logic enabling the explanation of the universe as a whole.

It is down to each of us to be honest enough to distinguish a truth like " I am is " from an hypothesis such as " the universe is an infinite web-site decided by an eternal surfer ".

Once you acknowledge these ontological truths (six of them in all), true science can begin.

You will see that the first thing that appears from nothingness is a primitive consciousness of infinite space, un-situated, which is immediately bound to generate MAGNETIC ENERGY. Magnetism is the only primitive energy which generates all other forms of energy and time, and in particular the effect of MATTER, which is necessarily organized through the appearance of atoms and sideral systems.

Until 1985, nobody had ever explained the universe out of Nothingness. In 1985, a French researcher, Frank HATEM, did. But since it calls for a profound renewal of Epistemology (which is currently founded on matter), and calls into question the bases of Science, this discovery has never been accepted by Physicists because it is not a Physics theory. French scientists are generally reluctant to change their habits. Thanks to Internet, you can hear all about it.

Today it is possible to understand why consciousness is, how it arises from absolute nothingness at each moment, and why it generates space and time, energy, matter, atoms and universes, towards man and towards infinity.

A revolution in thinking which can revolutionize our lives, for he who knows who he is, where he comes from and why, becomes the master of the universe he creates.

Physics was the Science for the 20 th century. Now, it is time to start working with METAPHYSICS. Metaphysics is the Science of Causes, and the scientific problems of today are metaphysical.

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Brief Résumé


about MIND

thanks to the new cognitive epistemology

by Frank HATEM



Apparently, mind is the sensation of " something " exterior (infinite), experienced from its center (interior), associated to the feeling of evolving inside while the " exterior " evolves.

This sensation does not come from matter or neurons. Matter and neurons are INSIDE this sensation, and we can now explain how they are produced by it, while it is still impossible to explain how they create mind. Mind comes from eternal principles that precede the existence of any other reality.

In fact, mind is the paradoxical but actual effect of a pure, causal principle: the " NECESSITY OF NOTHINGNESS " (the fact that Nothingness is the only possible and self-justified option).

Mind is the apparent way to achieve real nothingness, i.e., to " merge " zero and infinity. Zero (voidness) and infinity are not inventions of mind. They are actual principles constituting the real Whole: nothingness.

The result is the act of gradually becoming infinite (through evolution), from a zero-point (an un-situated center of infinity). There is an infinity of centers, so there is an infinity of ways of becoming infinite. This is why there seems to be an infinite number of " minds " although, in fact, there is only one mind.


Yes, because there is only one cause of mind : only one necessity of only one nothingness. But there is an infinite number of ways to achieve it.


The fundamental cause of mind is the fact that, for nothingness (which is the only " thing " possible) to " be ", three conditions are required:

- its infiniteness (the fact of being the " whole "),

- its voidness (nullity, the fact of being nil),

- and the unity of these two principles.

Mind turns out to be the only reality capable of unifying these three contradictory and necessary conditions.

Infiniteness is neither a number nor a reality. It can never be achieved. So, infiniteness is bound to be an AIM. Only zero can be absolutely infinite. Nothing else. So there is a motion, an " intention ", an energy toward infinity. This energy is the source of the eternal evolution of mind, and is at the same time a necessity of " voidness ", of " zero-ness ".

There is no special application point to this motion. It only concerns anything which is not the infinity principle.

The voidness (or " zero-ness " or " nullity ") of nothingness is also necessary. This requires the refusal of infinity. Zero-ness can only be actual through its opposition to infinity. If not, it would not be zero. So it is bound to " empty " itself of any other principle, or to " refuse " unity with any other principle. Rejecting the principle of infinity (both as a reality and as a necessity), in an eternal, present moment (because the cause, the necessity of nothingness, is eternal), it generates CONSCIOUSNESS, the feeling of the outside infinity.

Consciousness is separation between a center (zero) and an infinity (outside), but is itself subject to the necessity of reaching infiniteness, which is the primary necessity of UNITY between the two principles of Nothingness. This " intention " to create unity is what we call LOVE. Cosmic universal love.

Both consciousness (separation) and love (merging) create " mind ". To know more about mind's origin, (10 mins. to load) click here.


Consciousness is the fact whereby the void-principle of Nothingness distinguishes itself, now and forever, from the infinite-principle, experiencing itself as the center.


Mind is the Holy Spirit, which is a duality: the creator of outside space by rejecting infinity, and the " redeemer " through the love which tries to cancel this space towards unity. It is the Verb, the Logos, the logical relationship which is the only reality of the universe. Likewise, it is the TAO, nothingness divided into Yin (dispersion), and Yang (concentration). There are other similitudes in many other traditions.


Love is the fact whereby the " void "-principle of Nothingness, tries to merge with infinity so that nothingness (nil AND the infinite) be. There is obviously no love from infinity to zero, only from zero to infinity, just as there is consciousness only from zero to infinity. Infinity is not conscious by itself. This means that the sole source of universal love is to be found where " I " am, where " I " live (my outer creation).


Space is the feeling of distance that zero needs to cancel in order to reach the infinity it rejects. This means that this distance can never be cancelled. Space is consciousness (" light ") itself.


Space comes from the rejection of infinity-principle by the zero-principle in order to be and to remain nil. This takes place here and now.


Time is the feeling of memory of what zero has managed to merge with, compared to the future of what it has not yet managed to merge with. Time is love itself.


Time comes from the necessity of unity (of the two principles of Nothingness), that consciousness feels. What must be (nothingness) is and remains an AIM, since consciousness eternally refuses infinity (so that the zero-principle remains actual). So, the infiniteness of nothingness remains an unreachable goal giving the center of infinity a feeling of eternity. This is why mind is eternal, and why we'll never fall into nothingness. To know more about space and time, click here.


The soul is the creative power of nothingness's necessity. This creative power cannot be impersonal, since a creation is a limitation, and limitation is personification.


In order to remain separated from infinity, although it needs to become infinite, consciousness is obliged to grant itself a " body " (a feeling of matter) which is the frontier between what it accepts to be at a given moment, and what it still considers as " outside ", foreign to itself. This is the result of the " creative power " of nothingness's necessity: in order to be, nothingness needs voidness, and voidness requires the sensation of matter to limit its flight towards infiniteness. A soul is a way of remaining finite, and hence a way to evolve toward infinity. There are as many ways as are necessary, so there are an infinite number of " souls ".


My limitation in space cannot be unlimited in time. To live through a body is tiring since it is a struggle to avoid reality, to avoid infinity. From time to time, I am obliged to let myself go. It is a rest.

To know more about death, click here.


Matter is the feeling of a barrier or a frontier between what I think I am, and what I think I am not.


The feeling of matter (or of atomic particles) comes from the meeting of two opposite wills: the will to be infinite struggling against the will to reject infinity. Where these two necessities are in opposition, a wall of resistance is felt.

To know more about the origin of matter, click here.


Energy is the demonstration of a necessity. Wherever there is a necessity, there is a motion toward achieving it. There is only one fundamental necessity: Nothingness. It is the absolute AIM. The aim is the source of any energy. There is no energy without an aim. This means that THERE IS NEVER A PAST CAUSE OF ENERGY, but rather a future goal which causes it. When I have a goal, I have a lot of energy. When I have none, I become depressed. If the universe (and " matter ") is a great energy, it means it is a great goal. This is why Science must first be a science of the Goal, in order to understand the universe. Since Physics believes in the past-origin of energy, it never finds it and cannot explain the universe.


Yes. There cannot be several energies because there is only one goal. And this necessity generates the opposition of two realities: consciousness, which is REPULSION, and love, which is ATTRACTION. So there is no place for any other energy but MAGNETISM, which is attraction and repulsion. Everything, every being, every star and each atom is a magnet composed of magnets. All other kinds of energy come from magnetism, and it is easy to demonstrate that gravitation and electricity come from it.

Click here about the birth of (spiritual or magnetic) atoms (15 mins. to load).


There is no universe, but rather an infinite number of universal sensations. From each center of infinity, a soul limits its inner and outer world. When I limit myself (not to be infinite), I define my world around. Each time I change my limits, I change my universe. I am a magnetic creator of " illusions ". To know more about Spirituality and Psychology (according to Metaphysics), click on the underlined words.


God is the being's aim, inasmuch as we are separated from it. Since it is our unconscious goal, it is our source of energy and of life. So, it is everything, since everything is goal, energy of life.


Be patient. Man is the being rejecting its infinite aim, so rejecting knowledge, even if he needs and hopes for it. Do not say: " if it was true, everybody would know it ". You are one of the first to know, so, make the most of it.

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